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Hi guys, it i have a registered trademark on UKIPO but it’s not connected onto my amazon seller account will i still have the ability to remove people who are copyrighting my registered brand?

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  2. Are your products on .COM or .UK? Amazon does accept UKIPO trademarked brand information. Submitting that to Amazon starts the process for enrolling in Amazon’s Brand Registry on .com and get Amazon protections (like removing counterfeiters).

I’m personally not sure about .uk or any other Marketplaces, but other people will post about that.

  1. When you say “people who are copyrighting my registered brand?” do you mean that people are registering your UKIPO registered brand over here on USPTO? Or do you mean that others are counterfeiting your brand’s products?
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Hi my
Products are on UK amazon and with UK trade marks but if my trade mark isn’t connected with amazon I’m i Able to still file a report and remove those trying to copy my item

Speaking with knowledge about us law and, yes, you can file an infringement notice without being registered.


I’m not so sure about that.

I had to be registered with a valid US Trademark before I got access to Amazon’s Brand Registry portal.

Then for a while…they had a special program…and then I think that they quit doing that.


Oh you need a valid trademark, but even brands who do not sell can legally file copyright complaints against Amazon and 3rd party sellers.

I mean it’s easier once you are in BR.


@A162 start here (UK site): - Report Infringement.

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