Broken variations. Anyone else?

My variations look broken. When I click on them, only one of the variations will show. There is no drop-down menu or side-by-side boxes. I tried recreating the variations and that worked for a while, and then it reverted to just showing one item. Anyone else having this problem?


This should be a new thread …

Of note:

  1. If an ASIN is OOS, it will not show in the Relationship

  2. ASINS like the same Variation (i.e. - color = white) will only show one

    • This is on Single Variation Relationships
    • It could be on Multiple Variation Relationships like SizeColor if both variations are matched on multiple ASINs. i.e. color - white & size = large

Thank you, but the ASINs are not out of stock, and the ASINs have different colors (that is the variation).

Ah. I see the problem. The ones that don’t show together have the same photos. I need to change that up.


If that’s it then it’s a new one to me. I’ve never heard of that being an issue.

Please confirm if that fixes it and it sticks.


Welp, they are all working now, and I only changed one of the broken ones. The broken one is still broken. Seems like the breaking is in and out. Is Amazon playing with my listings?

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Amabots have long broken relationships, but not with any regularity that I’ve seen unless there was an underlying issue.

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Have you checked to make sure to that one hasn’t had it’s category changed by a bot or the brand name changed by a hijacker?


I did check the categories and they are correct. The brand names are correct.