Browse All Subcategories?

I’ve been recommended to move a few ASINs to new subcategory ids. Leaving me with two questions.

is the subcategory attribute just “subcategory” or is it something like “sub_category” or “sub_cat”. I can’t find the attribute in the category template.

2nd, is there any way I can search through all the Amazon subcategories by subcategory ID number?

Sounds like a good question for @oneida_books

I have some questions of my own though.

  1. Who recommended this to you?
  2. Why can’t the person or algorithm suggest where they think it should be if they want it moved
  3. You last question there is something your SAS manager should be hunting for and delivering to you on a silver email platter, because this is the type of thing you are paying for.

I know I keeping making this point but what exactly is your SAS manager doing for you?

Finally and ETA - With the history you have with things blowing up in your face when you make changes, why in the world would you?

We have listings I haven’t hit the edit button on in YEARS… Keeps things nice and peaceful.

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IF your comp is in that new subcategory then by all means change it - all the headaches you face withstanding

IF however this is some wackass suggestion from the anals of SAS then ask them for a justification - or if you’ve been provided one, then see if the strength of that suggestion fits your need

It will affect rank - you will have to find rank in a new end node in the browse tree - why do this at all?

If a majority of your competition is not at the new end browse node, I wouldn’t touch it

Having said that, I expect the worst knowing your history on amazon just as ASV mentioned. Sorry.


Double, triple jinx :eye:

Generally-speaking, ‘sub-category’ refers to the specific Browse Tree Leaf Node that one is targeting with an upload, and the numerical value shown for that Leaf Node, in the latest BTG (‘Amazonese’ for “Browse Tree Guide”) associated with this or that ‘overarching’ Category, would be entered as “Category (item-type)” in the column with that title.


Our friend @Tried_Tested beat me to it.


Stop that!!!

i was up a lot last night, and ready for an early bedtime … so forgive me if I’m way off base here. :slight_smile:

You won’t find that attribute within a file other than what has been mentioned - the BTG (find them here on the Inventory file templates, style guides, and browse tree guides help page).

Now overall I agree with doing nothing … especially at this time of year, but here’s the basic info.

Example from the Beauty BTG

Product is currently in - Beauty & Personal Care/Foot, Hand & Nail Care/Foot & Hand Care (11062211)

Sub - Beauty & Personal Care/Foot, Hand & Nail Care/Foot & Hand Care/Foot Creams & Lotions (3780041)

With this change you would change the item-type keyword.


I was suggested the change from my SAS manager, for two families, or 8 ASINs.

Just a different subcategory, no change to the regular category.

He wants to me to submit the change as a SAS Self Service Task, which requires me to have the “attribute” written out perfectly, or they wait a few days and will then reject the change complaining of confusion.

The points above still stand.

Just be review your position before making any changes to better ascertain ROI on decision.

The only time we have done this is when Amazon has changed the browse tree and either eliminated or added a sub-category within the category. Normally, this has been done by a bot on the items. When it happen to us, the bot caught 8 of the 13 items so we went in and updated the remaining 5.

Outside of Amazon making a category tree change which forces a change, we don’t make sub-category changes.