Buy Box Being Taken Away and Competitive Pricing Problems

There are huge issues in toys with Amazon claiming an item is priced lower elsewhere (and they never tell you where), which then leads to the Buy Box being taken away.

The problem is almost always Target or Walmart’s websites.

If they have a price on the item, but it is out of stock, Amabots will pick this up and pull this.

I have the same problem with items that Amazon has listed themselves as out of stock for very low prices. I have to sell at cost to get the BB.

Are they still not including the extra that is charged for shipping on these other sites? I used to see that when I had toys, I’m mostly out of that category now.

That is beyond rotten.

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Having given up on toys, and mostly given up on Amazon, I feel detached from the issue.

But the question I ask is, is the lack of a Buy Box impacting your sales.

Obviously, if someone else has the BB, it is likely to. But if there is no BB, are poor sales due to that problem or no demand.

And are your prices higher than what was the street price for this product when it was commonly available. Higher than MSRP because you are looking for a premium price for a “collector”.

This site has driven off many sellers who sell to “collectors”. And not just this way, and not solely for toys.

I moved my business to Ebay because “collectors” buy there, and I can get prices as high as I used to on Amazon. Items which sat unsold on Amazon for prolonged periods are selling quickly on Ebay, I cannot predict which of my items will sell fast, but enough do to feel good, which motivates more active listings.


—But the question I ask is, is the lack of a Buy Box impacting your sales.

Example 1: sell 25 to 20 a day when this problem does not happen
Sell maybe 6 to 8 when there is no buy box.

We sell 10-14 a week on Walmart and maybe 5-7 a week on Ebay.

This is a good case study item as it is a sought after item.

This is pretty consistent. Have many of these. I opened a case with the Exec Team and they are looking at it. We have over a dozen items like this.

We do not sell the real collectible toys anymore. That game is done on Amazon and to Amazon’s peril. Amazon plays games with the testing documents to kick off older items.


And it is great to see you again.


Any update?

Nothing of substance yet.

May not be you!! May have been caught up in a Buy Box “glitch”.

Causing many threads on current AMZ Forum(w/, of course, no response from Mods). Many folks w/ no metric hits who have been eligible for Buy Box for years have now slid to No, including ourselves.

Occurred. to us back in Jan for a few days. Eventually slid back to eligible without opening a case–.why waste precious time? Many hard-goods sales have been impacted. We usually don’t compete w/ AMZ since they only sell New books and many of our offerings don’t include an FBA seller. Have noticed AMZ’s “new” titles have been cut to the bone. Must have a ton of overstock.

In my opinion, TPTB are attempting to win every BB, where new merchandise is stocked, in a slow period when sales are sagging. That they’ve flattened various small businesses, who are reporting no sales since this occurred, doesn’t cross their collective minds.

I have escalated my issues to the executive team.

Part of the problem it seems is there is no MSRP on file.