Buybox eligibility

Starting last year in February, first time ever, I lost buybox eligibility. First, it was for one day, then a week then 10 days. I was once told it was an internal issue. Then I was told it wasnt and they cant disclose what you need to do to be buybox eligible. Since then I had gotten a manual over ride which was for only about 45 days. After 45-46 days, I would lose it again.

I had also been told once that my prices were not competitive.

I am curious, if that is truly the case that my prices were not competitive. Then how long after changing all the prices under price health would it take to be eligible again? Does any one happen to know?



Are there other sellers on the listing or is this your stuff? If there are other sellers, it should happen very quickly. If it’s not your listing, you are stuck in Amazon’s “Mystery Box”. You have no way to know what the real reason you lost eligibility and you are just getting a standard scripted answer of what the issue might really be.


Is this for one category only, or multiple categories, or all categories?

Am I right to assume that your offers are FBM (not FBA)?

Also, if it helps–you are not alone in mysterious loss of BB eligibility. Click here :arrow_right: buy-box :arrow_left: to see recent related topics from other Sellers in your exact same situation of mysterious loss of featured offer eligibility. :grimacing:

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There are SO many posts about this in the NSFE, it sounds like some type of Amaglitch. I haven’t paid attention, as my books have never been eligible. :unamused:


I think u may be right…


I am doing fbm… and no its literally just the books category. Other stuff I have listed in other categories are eligible… if its not one thing with amazon, its another.