Buyer claims he never received package A to Z granted

Buyer claims he never received package A to Z granted

“Hello, I have a wierd case here where the customer purchased item from me, we purchased label through Amazon with signature confirmation. The package tracking shows that the item was delivered on 4/3. But then a week after on 4/10 it shows Returning to Sender Incomplete address information may delay delivery. We are attempting to update this information. The package will be returned to the sender. Then on 4/12 the package shows Returned. Returned to sender HEBRON, KY. The problem is that we are located in California and our return address is in California but the package was returned somewhere in Hebron, KY and my guess is that UPS shipped it to Amazon facility through their account instead of shipping it to the return address and this was a FBM order. I have lost the A-to-Z claim, who is suppose to be responsible for this case? I thought sellers are covered during shipping issues when using Amazon shipping services?”

This is an interesting case, and hoping to assist in a well-written appeal as the OP’s metrics were affected, along with any other suggestions on what to do.

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"This is the message I received from Amazon:

We have granted an A-to-z Guarantee claim of $1,176.95. We have debited the amount from your account and have counted the claim against your Order Defect Rate.

Why is this happening?

The A-to-z Guarantee protects customers when they purchase items sold and fulfilled by you directly. Our guarantee covers both the timely delivery and the condition of items you sell. If customers are unsatisfied with either and cannot reach a resolution with you, we enable them to file a claim with us. In this case, the customer claimed an issue with delivery and the tracking information you provided was either insufficient or the order was not actually received by the customer.

Now just so you read, this was actually delivered and signed for on 4/3. But then it got returned to UPS a week later to be sent back to sender, the buyer could have opened the package and took it out if he wanted to.

Yes tracking shows item scanned and shipped on time. I am not registered for Customer service by Amazon. The buyer did reach out to me, his first message stated that the item was delivered but he never got it and he thinks it was stolen. I looked up his address and it was a 7-eleven gas station address. My first message I told the buyer to ask all the employees there to see if one of them picked it up. He still couldn’t located it so I provided him Amazon customer service phone number so they can help him open a claim ( I was thinking it would be like any other INR claim I dealt with and would be covered). The customer had the case opened and specified that tracking shows delivered but he never got the item."

This 🡱 is the message the OP received from Amazon and the reason for granting the claim.

Amazon A-z Team granted the claim in favor of the customer based on the following: 🡳
the customer claimed an issue with delivery and the tracking information you provided was either insufficient or the order was not actually received by the customer.

IMO this would be what the OP would need to appeal against to at the very least get the ODR removed from their account.

The seller has to include the customer signature in a reply to the customer and then appeal the A-Z.


I’m waiting to hear back if they attached/sent the signature confirmation to the customer through Buyer-Seller Messaging.

What are your thoughts about tracking showing a week later, it was returned to some other address?

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If the A-Z was for INR and the seller has a signature, then it doesn’t matter.

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Here is the UPS tracking # 1Z24390W4276666751

I would think if they reached out to UPS and talked to a supervisor, they could get a copy of the original signature confirmation emailed to them.

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I don’t know how to access UPS signatures since I only ship with USPS.

Since they used Amazon buy shipping, I don’t think they need the signature. They could just appeal the A-Z claim stating the Buy Shipping policy and that they shipped on time:

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This what tracking shows:

The strange thing is the A-z claim wasn’t granted in favor of the customer because the package was returned to the sender it was due to insufficient tracking and INR.
Who knows where it is in Hebron; the OP is in CA, and the item is not cheap.

Either way, they should not have a metrics hit because of it.

The seller should appeal the A-Z with the template in my previous post.


Look at this…

There is this huge gap between delivered and “return to sender,” something very fishy going on with this customer.

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It was probably delivered to the wrong address (or the wrong address was given at checkout) and the recipient gave it back to the carrier after realizing it.

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The customer had it delivered to a drop off point, or a locker (amazon or not) and after a week, if the item hasn’t been picked up UPS takes it back.

Since the label was purchased on Amazon, Amazon should have covered this. Also because of this, the return address is, AMAZON. Amazon used to be good at getting these items back to the seller eventually, but I’ve heard that is no longer the case.

Amazon AND the customer dropped the ball here, the seller should be at no fault, but there was no way to know, and no way to prevent this.


Apparently, the delivery Address was a 7-eleven, and the OP said it was actually signed for at the time of delivery on 4/3

11am UPS - writes the Company or receiver name is wrong
then at
9pm UPS - then says Incomplete address

Could it be that the return address/label had been tampered with?
The contents of the box could’ve been removed and then taped back up again.

Maybe there was a locker near or at this 7-eleven; that would make sense, but how would there be a signature? The OP said they could see the name of the signee, but it disappeared after it was scanned again on 4/10. Would the UPS driver be allowed to sign the delivery confirmation to a locker?

I asked the OP if they could call UPS and get them to email the signature confirmation to them; not sure if UPS will or not. If they could get a copy of the signature, I think that would strengthen their appeal.

Update on that NSFE topic:

Thanks for the update!

I just checked the thread and…


How often do we see this, the OP’s appeal was denied multiple times saying they stand by their decision, it was finally escalated and reviewed by someone competent. This made my day!!