Buyer received full refund *and* replacement?

April 17 buyer was fully refunded for $90 item, April 18 replacement item was sent to the buyer. How does this happen? There should be no refund when there is a replacement provided.

Watch the FBA returns and replacements!

We have had similar situations happen in the past (usually the buyer is sent a replacement and then returns the replacement for a full refund - basically getting the first item for free). We contacted Amazon the first time we noticed this had happened four years ago and the below was their response. On this one from 2019 and instances since, we were eventually reimbursed by Amazon for any products sent to customers that were not paid for (either as replacements, or refunded). As with everything Amazon is expected to refund/reimburse, it is recommended you track these and make sure you are actually refunded after the 45 day period.

Note: I believe these show up as inventory reimbursements in Amazon transaction reports.

Kindly do not worry on this issue, I request you to wait for 45 days from the May 3, 2019. In this 45 days, we will try to retrieve both refund and replacement products from the buyer. If we are not able to get the product, I assure you that you will be auto-reimbursed for both the products in this order.

Hence, I request you not to worry anymore about this order. Amazon takes the entire responsibility of it. Either you will get the product back or you will be reimbursed for it in 45 days.

You can confirm the 45 days return policy in the link attached below:

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And recently they increased the “we’re holding your money” to 60 days. Soon it will probably be 75 days :angry:

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When did this happen? Last time I checked, which I admit was not that recently, it was 45 days…

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I think around April. :man_shrugging:

It’s ridiculous; 60 days is excessive!
FBA inventory reimbursement policy: Customer return claims

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I sense a “lifetime guarantee” in our future…

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IKR. Amazon needs to close up the time frame to receive the return. Ring now there is no hard time limit. I don’t know what would work for these lazy buyers who get a return label and then wait forever.

I know most sellers cannot control the returns like Handmade but I put in my return instructions “Return within 14 days in same condition for full refund” and that seems to nudge the procrastinators. For Handmade, many returns never happen because the buyer was phishing for a refund without return. :angry:

Maybe if Amazon charged some fee after so many days, but at the same time, the fault may lie with Amazon’s ability to process returns in a timely manner much like they receive FBA restock shipments. :man_shrugging:

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They ordered April 17 and received a full refund. Replacement was sent April 18. Returned item was returned to me from FBA last week, missing a component. I opened a case to contest the refund due to them not returning all the parts. FBA says they will reimburse me for that.

I looked up the order and saw the “see all 2 orders for this buyer” link, which led me to discover that a replacement was sent, a day after the refund. So, the buyer has a free item. They returned and were refunded for the first one, then they were sent a second one for free.

I’ll be reimbursed for the first one but am still out the second one they were sent. $90 sales value if it was still at FBA for another buyer like it should be.
This may be hard for support to follow and understand to reimburse me for the replacement, that is due.

I’m gonna try like heck.

We haven’t had one of these a quite awhile, but below is one that I could find.

In my example below, the customer purchased an item on 7/30/22 and was issued a full refund by Amazon, plus they were sent a replacement on 8/05/22:

The customer returned the item they were refunded for and it was returned to us on 10/08/22 (found in the Reimbursements report - 60 days later):

Searching the original Order ID in the Payments report shows Amazon reimbursed us for the replacement item on 10/09/22:

At the end of the day, one of the items was returned by Amazon back to our inventory and we were reimbursed for the item retained by the customer. I don’t know if there is an easier way to find all of this in some other report, rather than checking all of these places… The replacement item in this case was sent on 8/05/22 and we were refunded on 10/09/22, so in your case, I would start looking for your replacement order to be refunded back to you at the end of the month.

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Good to know, I will keep an eye on it.

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Good point.

The 45-day Reimbursement Claim Window - in place for many, many years - was quietly changed to 60 days on 17Jun2021, as was (rather surreptitiously) heralded by the 2Jun’21 email that Amazon dispatched with the Subject Line “Update to reimbursement policy for FBA inventory”, the text of which reads thusly:

Since the beginning of the pandemic, increased customer demand has led to higher return volumes and longer processing times. As a result, effective June 17, 2021, the reimbursement-claim window for customer returns in the US will increase from 45 days to 60 days.

This change affects only processing time for reimbursement claims. The customer-return window will remain at 30 days.

While we expect that most returned units will still be processed within 45 days, this policy change will ensure that returned items are processed correctly. It will also minimize unnecessary transactions to and from your account.

For more information, go to FBA inventory reimbursement policy: Customer return claims.

The Fulfillment by Amazon team"

To be fair, our own experience in subsequent years suggests that Amazon’s automated mechanisms continue to get it right MOST of the time (there’s always been a need to follow the data closely, as some things will inevitably & ineluctably fall through the cracks in a Byzantinely-intricate bureaucracy like Amazon’s own), but there exist data points to suggest that proper reimbursement for large-quantity FBA Returns Order IDs might have had a ‘70% throttle’ imposed - expressed in terms of the quantity of orders rather than in quantity of reimbursement remuneration - in the last 3 biz quarters…

Trust, but verify.


Why do you have instant recall of an Amazon email from 2 years ago?

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That’s my job, man.

As both of my sainted grandfathers were wont to hammer-home when I was still knee-high to a grasshopper:

“You may always prove too poor to pay for much - but you’ll never be too poor to pay attention.”