Calling all Walmart Sellers - Adding a variation to an existing listing

Anyone know how to do this? We added a 2-pack to our top selling listing on Amazon and it’s doing well. Would like to do the same on Wally World.

There’s not a lot out there for the Walmart Marketplace so figured I would ask here in case someone knows.

Preference would be to do a manual setup if possible. Haven’t had much luck with file uploads there…

SAS took care of this for us on Amazon.


My right hand man, a woman, knows how to do this. If someone does not come up with a solution tonight I will ask her to respond in the morning.

Part of our unlimited time off policy…


Uploads on Walmart are surprisingly easy (says the person who will not use file uploads on Amazon).

I don’t think you can tweak a variation manually. That said, adding an additional child is as easy as giving that child the name of the parent you’re trying to add it to.

I haven’t done this in a while but as I recall, the instructions were fairly easy to follow.

Update Items in Bulk

  1. Log into Seller Center and go to Items.
  2. Go to the Manage Items dropdown and select Update items .
  3. Select Walmart Fulfilled under fulfillment type.
  4. You’ll see three options to make updates: by template, GTIN match or category.


By matching through GTIN, we’ll populate the spec with information that’s already in our catalog. Just enter your GTINs, separated by commas, in the text box.

Choose this :arrow_up: option. You’ll want to give it 2 GTIN’s - (1) a GTIN that’s already part of the variation family you want to add to, and (2) the GTIN of the listing you want to add to it (this assumes the listing already exists as a standalone on Walmart)

Walmart will give you a spreadsheet with 2 entries. Scroll to the column for ‘Variation ID’, and copy the value from the first entry (the existing member of the variation family) to the second (the new child you want to add).

Save and upload the file

As I recall, that’s all there is to it.

But heed Walmart’s warning -


Include ALL the information you want to appear in the listing. This spec will replace your existing item details.

*If you haven’t created the 2-pack listing yet, you can either do it using a spreadsheet (different process) or create it manually and just put it in the variation family afterwards, as outlined above.


@ASV_Vites did this work for you?


Yes do let us know. I had her on hand today for help, but we also had a machine go down. So our time was sucked up repairing that.

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I need to do this myself now, as I realize I have some children to add to an existing variation, so I can test if my instructions actually work. :laughing:

Let us know if you got it done, and if not, please mention if the new child is an existing standalone listing, or not.

OK, here are a few more details.

Start from the Walmart Items page, choose Manage Items, Update Items


Select ‘By GTIN Match’ as the update method.

Enter your product’s UPC’s in the box, separated by commas, then click ‘Match’

This will generate an Excel file with one row for each UPC you entered. I’m lazy, so I use a UPC of a product that’s already in my variation family, so I don’t have to look up the Variant Group ID name and other details, I can just copy it from the existing record.

In my example, I created a file with 4 UPC’s. The existing item in the variant family happens to be on line 3. It looks like this:

Then you copy the data from that line’s variation-related columns into the other rows. So all four rows would have ‘My variant name’ as the Variant Group ID, they’d all vary on Color, they’d all not be the primary variant, etc.

Then just save and upload, and voila - 3 new variants added to the family!


Slightly nervous to try considering we singed up for Walmart in Nov of 2022 and battled item setup until Jan…

Walmart has this weird image hosting requirement for supplement facts panels for my category and even using the hosting site they recommended AND THEIR OWN hosting site, it never worked.

The incubation guy that got assigned to our account somehow got the requirement overridden for us but I don’t have access to this help anymore.

It worries me that I might do something and take down our top seller which is like 90% of our sales on Walmart…

I’m considering doing the recommended to a crappy listing to see what happens as a test and if that works, doing what I really intended. I have to build up the courage to screw with this.

@Image - I was also waiting to see what your person had to say about this to compare notes with @Roxy to see if everyone was aligned.

No offense to anyone, and I really appreciate the feedback on this whole heartedly. I just don’t want to screw this up.



I will have her review it in the morning. You sell so much more on Wally World than we do. It should have been a good market for us, but we got skunked in the first month with one, one star seller feedback, and a one star product feedback.

On something that has over 350 5 star ratings on Amazon. < sigh >


Thanks! I’m really not in any extreme rush to do this so whenever you / she has a chance to share is fine, even it’s a month from now.

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All I can tell you is I was adding my 3 new variations as I was creating the post above with the screenprints, and within 5 minutes, they were live. So… :woman_shrugging:

I totally get being cautious though. You can’t know what you don’t know and if there’s something you aren’t aware of yet, you could potentially mess things up by not addressing the particular thing you don’t know about. Lol…

My listings are very simple, no supplemental facts panels or any of that.

What I would suggest, if I were you, is to follow the instructions above to download a spreadsheet with one of your variations in it, so you can look at the spreadsheet and see what you’d need to do to add a new listing to it. You can’t hurt anything by simply downloading an existing listing in Excel format to look at it. At least, not that I know of. :laughing:


Hi all!

Steve’s “right hand woman” here. (AKA Jackie :upside_down_face:)

I’m not as familiar with adding listings manually, I usually use the file uploads and have no issues. I also understand your hesitation to royally mess up the listing, especially if it’s successful.

Manually looks pretty straight forward. Unless the new product is already in the Walmart catalogue (I assume it’s not), you’ll create it as a brand new product through Seller Center. List it in the same category as your original, as this comes into play when you link them. Once it’s listed and up, go to your product catalogue and select the listings that you want to put in a variant group.

Then you can give it the variant group ID, category and attributes. Our convention is to use a SKU “parent” as the group ID (so existing product would have the SKU “ABC-VITAMIN”, new would be “ABC-VITAMIN-2PACK” and group ID would be “ABC-VITAMIN-PARENT”). But obviously whatever works best for you. Once you pick your category, attributes would be your variation identifier. So probably something like “count per pack”. Then fill in the attribute for each listing - 1 Pack, 2 Pack, or however you want the options presented. If you want one to be the main variant, hit the star icon in the actions column. Then submit and wait.

I like the idea of testing with a crappy listing to get the hang of it. I do that here sometimes if I’m not sure how it’s going to work out so I don’t break the good one. I would either pick two crappy listings that already exist in your catalogue, or create one or two new ones to link. If you do create new listings, I don’t recommend using the real identifiers (UPC, SKU, etc) for the new product. I don’t know if you would run into issues when you’re ready to launch the real one. I’ve never deleted and tried to reupload items from Walmart, so don’t know how long that process takes and how it will affect listing the item when you’re ready to launch it for real.

I also think downloading your existing listing would be helpful. It will show you all the information you filled in for that listing and be helpful for building the new one. You can make sure you’ve got all the required info and that they match closely when you’re ready to launch.

I hope this was helpful! We started with Walmart almost immediately after they launched and it was quite clunky then. They’ve definitely improved their backend and made things a lot easier, especially the file upload method.

You’ll have to keep us updated on your testing and launching!



Thank You and @Roxy

You both deserve the solution for this but alas, can only mark one.

Be Well


You both deserve the solution for this but alas, can only mark one.

Make sure you realize that Jackie and I gave you solutions to two different problems.

Perhaps I misunderstood, but I thought your existing listing was already a variation, and you were wanting to add another child to it. It’s not possible to do this manually, but it’s simple (ish) through a spreadsheet.

Jackie gave you the solution to taking a standalone listing and turning it into a variation family, where it was not a variation before. This can be done manually.

So make sure you’re following the correct steps, depending on what you’re actually trying to do.


This is where we want to go.

Appreciate you all. Will let you know how it turns out when I get around to doing it.

Sadly, got bigger fish to fry in the short term (dealing with inventory limits)

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