Can FNSKU's be set to Disposal instead of automatic Removal?

I already have everything set to automatically create Removal orders for all Fulfillable inventory and Unfulfillable FBA inventory.

I cannot remember or find a way to have specific FNSKU’s set to Disposal while keeping other FNSKU’s set to Removal.

Would I have to manually create Disposal Orders prior to the automatic Return Removal Order being created?


:thinking: Good question, hopefully an FBAer can add some insight soon


You can set it so everything is auto-disposed of. I don’t think you can change the settings at the FNSKU level.


BUMP for any additional FBA insight


@Old-Timer I am pretty sure @GGX is right and that you can only do it for auto-disposal for everything, not at an FNSKU level :Server Busy



I do need to keep the auto-Removal because I do want most of the FNSKU’s back either for inspection or to resell on other platforms in used condition.

I was hoping there was a trick or better method then creating a Disposal order a week or 2 before the auto-Removal order would be created.


I believe that in the past couple of years they hiked disposal fees where it’s the same cost to dispose of an item as remove it, so you might as well just let the auto removal happen and just toss it yourself. (Which also has the benefit of your stuff not showing up randomly in some liquidation lot)


I’m in agreement with our friends Hit or Miss & GGX; if there’s a way to discriminate Removal Settings lower than the Account-level settings that were imposed some years back with the last revision of the Automated Unfulfillable Orders/Removal program, I’m unaware of that functionality (or may have simply forgotten/overlooked it, to be fair… :melting_face:).

That being said, I’m aware that some members of the SAS Community - such as our friend @ASV_Vites - mentioned having enrolled into the latest iteration of the various Grading Opt Out Pilot Program/FBA Customer Returns Removal Pilot Program/Automated Returns Trials programs that Amazon has dabbled with over the last decade, which is explained in the recently-renamed* SHC policy page FBA returns evaluation and ownership settings (link).

It is specified there that there IS an option to exclude ASINs, and you can see the same (once you’ve been invited, @ least) on the FBA inventory evaluation settings (link) Dashboard, as seen in this screenshot:

It would be interesting to learn whether or not ASV or other members of our Seller Community can comment on the facility of this program doing what you’d like to do - it certainly doesn’t seem that your NSFE discussion posing the same question is garnering much in the way of an official reponse from the FMT-CMT, last I looked.


When we ourselves received an invitation to participate in this latest iteration on 14Mar2023, that page was titled “FBA inventory evaluation settings” - and it was still the same when last I archived it on 23Jun2023.

We ourselves didn’t opt-in, because I perused the program’s TOS @ Terms and conditions for disabling returns evaluation (link), and absolving Amazon, the carrier, and the buyer of ALL liability is a deal-breaker for us.


At this time, it’s not possible to differentiate via ASIN or FNSKU for Automated Removals / Disposals. (FMT-CMT response)

Oh well, looks like I will need to manually dispose before the auto removal order is created.

From what I was reading, the Evaluation program would not allow some ASINs to be removed while others disposed. It would just skip the inspection/evaluation by an Amazon warehouse employee and continue along the path to which ever was preselected in the Automatic Removals/Disposal Setting.

Thank you to all for the replies.