Can I schedule tomorrow but ship today?

If I ship today, I have to use UPS 3 Day Select. If I ship tomorrow, I can use UPS Ground Saver or UPS Ground.

How about I schedule for tomorrow to get the UPS Ground price but drop it off today (since I’ll be out and about anyway)?


My answer here is based on FBM. If you are doing FBA, you are on your own!

My experience with this is that the PO will HAVE the package and start it through the system but the actual scan information will not get into the system until after midnight.

I’m not sure what time zone they use for that since the last time I did this it was a couple years ago.

I have no clue as to how AMAZON will handle the situation since they are weird to begin with.


PO = Post Office?

@Amazon_Seller is talking about UPS

Our thoughts would be UPS will probably accept it. If you are dropping off at a UPS counter, you could ask the clerk if it mattered as the item would be going out in the morning. If it is going in a drop box, then note the last pick up time for the day. If you are putting it in after the last pick up, then it goes out tomorrow any how.

If there was an issue, it would be addressed by UPS most likely as an “other” charge to your account.


Okay, well I dropped it off. The girl at the counter had no idea whether there would be an extra charge or not. Fingers crossed.


Well, for some sellers on Amazon it could be Parole Officer, but yes – Post Office in this case.

I’m pretty sure the Statute of Limitations has run out on any of my more serious transgressions…


my 2 cents

UPS or Fedex LOVES it.

as any guarantee time on it is PLUS ONE.


Wasn’t aware that they were called Parole Officers on NSFE … but with all your past

guess we can consider you as a professional when it comes to this type of knowledge …

The Question on Everyone's Mind

Are you still standing in the corner in time out?


Thankfully my wife is out of town at the Confectioners show in Indianapolis as well as a Franchise Owners meeting so she had to release me on parole.

She forgot to charge up the ankle monitor so I was able to sneak out to the casino this morning.

If she brings back lots of samples from the show we might be able to eat next week.