Can No Longer Edit Title?

I tried to edit the title on one listing and found that I can no longer do that through my dashboard. Clicked through a bunch of other listings and same problem. Do I have to upload a spreadsheet (I never do it that way), or is that no longer working, either?

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That’s strange. Flat file uploads normally bypass all restrictions, Just Sayin

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No flat file here. I just use the dashboard. I’m no good at Excel. It scares me.

I resisted the spreadsheet uploads for however many years handmade has been active - but now I’ll never go back. I encourage anyone to take a day, do it slowly and figure it out - once you do, I promise you’ll wonder why you ever did it any other way. :slight_smile:


THIS :arrow_double_up: :arrow_double_up: :arrow_double_up: :arrow_double_up:


I have to agree, the Amazon templates are not bad, and you upload it and walk away


Okay, so the Amazon bots went and changed my titles and now I have to change them back. How to do it with a template? I need step-by-step. I’m scared of messing up a good listing.

EDIT: I found the title under PRODUCT DETAILS. They had moved it. So glad I don’t have to do Excel.


That’s welcome news, indeed, in your edit; changes like this are part & parcel of the PT (“Product Types and Attributes”) Initiative, which Amazon has been steadily tweaking since 2019 in various forms (link, SAS).

As both you and the seasoned & savvy forum vets note upthread, using templates can be rather daunting to the novice user; there are many resources - some provided by Amazon, some elsewhere - which can help one gain familiarity with the admittedly-complex process.

Among the very best that I’ve ever seen was lovingly-crafted for the OSFE by SAS’ own @Tallytony in Nov`21:

How to create listings and variations using the Add Product and the File-Upload functions (link, NSFE)


When dealing with Manage Inventory Edit pages, we have noticed for over a year that, when you receive a Listing Quality suggestion, the order of the attributes on each of the tabs gets changed a little. The biggest changes we saw were on the Keywords tab.

When we had a bot come through and change our Node, we could not do any changes for a while. Then, we were able to submit the changes but, even though they show on Manage Inventory Edit page, the changes are not reflected on the item’s page.

These bot changes have also effected the category specific templates as there are several attributes with drop downs that totally don’t apply to the category node.

Although we are pretty comfortable in using the templates, use of the templates does not seem to solve issues on the first pass all of the time. Sometimes it is a matter of systematically submitting several times to get it to take.

Once a bot has touched an ASIN, it is a pain to get the info corrected … and that is if you can.

EDIT - FYI … our product title is under Vital Info … (for now).

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So you know, you can also use Google Sheets to manipulate the flat file you download from Amazon.

I will pile on with the others, once you do it you will never go back.

Not only that, now you have the SAS (the members here) that will help you if and when you get stuck on something.

I recommend you start with a new product you are launching, or a existing product with little sales. As you appropriately stated, you don’t want to mess up a good selling items catalog page.


^^ 100% This. I don’t have Excel, I use Google Numbers - works just fine, and you can export as an Excel-formatted file for Amazon.

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