Can SP-API be used to determine if an item is customized?

Hi all,

We use the sp-api for various tasks without any problems. We don’t have PII access.

One of the things I do is pull down an item list report (GET_MERCHANT_LISTINGS_DATA), but unfortunately that report doesn’t have a column indicating whether an item is customized. I also checked the Catalog Items api, but similarly I don’t see any indicator for whether an item has customization set up.

I dug around in various docs etc and of coursed searched online, but no luck. I do see a lot of people are trying to pull customization for orders - but in my case I’m just trying to pull my whole item list and get indication of which items are customized and which aren’t.

Has anyone found a way to do this?

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Doesn’t help for the current but in the future it might be as simple as making the SKU with a “C” at the beginning or ending of the SKU. You would be able to see at a glance in most reports in excel (and be able to filter and/or sort).


Thanks - actually we do have something similar in place, which is what I’m using now, but eh… it’s asking for trouble


Hi @mw521 and welcome to SellersAskSellers! Just going to tag @oneida_books @Lost_My_Marbles @Dogtamer @Tried_Tested to see if they have poked around in any of their wanderings and might be able to help.



You would think since Amazon shows it in Manage Inventory …


… that it would be in a report. If so I’ve yet to find it.


Thanks - at least I know I’m not missing something obvious

Amazing how some things that should be basic and obvious aren’t available on this fancy new api :frowning: