Can the SP-API add/update item customization?

I’d like to use the sp-api to add/edit item customization. I suspect this isn’t possible, but wanted to see if anyone here can confirm… I’ve been getting lost in the maze of Listing Items API documentation pages Amazon has, and I haven’t found anything that seems to allow this sort of thing. But that being said, it’s barely possible to find proper documentation for things that I know are allowed, so maybe I’m missing something.

The problem I’m trying to solve is that we use “Product customization templates”, and we apply those templates to various items. Yesterday I made a change to a template, but that change has not flowed through to an item I’m watching. It seems that the template gets copied to an item, but that copy has no link to the parent template. So I’d like to do something along the lines of:

  1. Manually edit a template
  2. Use the sp-api to modify the item’s customization (overwrite it with the new version of the template)

or alternatively:

  1. Manually edit a template
  2. Use the sp-api to remove customization from the item
  3. Use the sp-api to assign the template to the item

To make matters worse, the template in question has likely been applied to dozens of items, and thanks to my other question I asked here previously, I know it’s not possible to find those items using the sp-api. So even if the above issue was solved, I still have to start keeping a manual list of which templates have been applied to which items. It’s like having a car that uses bicycle pedals instead of an engine.


We don’t know about updating via sp-api but you can update in bulk using an excel template.

Review this page about how to Create a Custom Template for similar products

On Manage Inventory page, click Custom Products in menu (right side last item)

On the Amazon Custom Program page that opens, look for this box and the link at the bottom directing you to add product customizations in bulk via upload

Screenshot 2024-01-04 at 16-51-29 Amazon

On this page you can upload the excel template for custom items


  • You can have more than one custom template.
  • You could assign like item ASINs to a single custom template.
  • You could use different excel templates for different custom templates (doing so will group your ASINs by the custom template they use making it easier to manage the custom template used).

Finally, you might be able to use an attribute field like the last Bullet Point or Manufacturer Part Number to store the name of the Custom Template used on the ASIN which would allow you to extract (sort) those ASINs from an excel sheet.

We know this doesn’t solve the initial problem of finding and grouping the ASINs already using the custom templates but it might help you manage once the excel custom templates are set up.

Note - there is an attribute field that the sp-api might be able to use to at least pull down all of the ASINs using a custom template. You would request all items with Customizations with Yes.
Screenshot 2024-01-04 at 17-10-24 Amazon


Thanks @Lost_My_Marbles, that did the trick. I was able to download a file for an existing template, modify it, and upload.

The downloaded template came in with just one sku listed, even though we’ve assigned this template to dozens of items. I’m guessing the sku it showed was the first sku we used to create this template with. So I just changed that sku to the item I wanted to update, saved as .txt, and uploaded, and within a few minutes the item was correctly updated. Next I’ll try building out a list of all the skus that need updating, then copy that row down, once for each sku.

I dug around in the sp-api docs to see if this feed can be downloaded/uploaded automatically, but it doesn’t seem to be possible, there’s no corresponding feed type (I tried inserting a link to Amazon’s documentation here but it was blocked, you can find it in their sp-api documentation under ‘FEEDS API’ > ‘Feed Type Values’)


You’re welcome …


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Thank you @Lost_My_Marbles ! Excellent how-to! :star_struck:


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