Can we set our Amazon Freight Pickup Times

Does anyone know how to avoid the 7:15 am to 9:15 am pickup window for Amazon Freight LTL? This is for shipping pallets to FC’s or RC’s.

Our warehouse hours are 8:30 am to 6:30 pm weekdays.
Today’s truck arrived at 7:28 am.
I open early on pickup days to avoid missing the truck. It makes the day very long.

I did see the option to open a case to request a different pickup time, but I am nervous it would postpone by more than a couple of days for a case to solve.

Has anyone opened a case before to change the pickup time? Did it work quickly? Do you have to do it every time?

Or is there some setting somewhere that I cannot find?

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Is this normal for you? Always this tiny window?

Our pickup window with Amazon is 8-4.

Never called to change it because “our” / my partner’s business is running 24/6.

If Amazon is coming when they say they are coming every time, I would also be getting up early and consider myself lucky.

Your location may be on a regular route and that’s why your time is what it is. Too many nightmare stories about what can happen if you try and change times / request a liftgate on the OSFE for me to recommend trying it.

Perhaps other LTL shippers here will chime in with a more encouraging outlook.


Yes, always a 2-hour window for Amazon Freight LTL.

But, our Amazon Partner Carriers LTL for Estes, AAA Cooper, … have all been 8 am to 5 pm.
Not sure why they are different but the pickup emails from Estes and others as Partner Carrier come directly from the freight company and not Amazon.

It is very rare for them to be late or missed. I think we only had about 3 late pickups in the past year.

That is what I have been afraid of and makes me think working a long day is safer.

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