Can you use an ASIN barcode instead of a FNSKU for stickerless?

I have a sku that is set as Manufacturers barcode, stickerless in other words, Normally we just send it with the UPC code on the packaging.

But the latest batch of this product the UPC came up unscannable due to a printing error.

When I try to print barcode labels for this product I notice that the FNSKU is Identical to the ASIN and the barcode labels are coming up with ASIN

Can I use those asin labels as I would use FNSKU? do you forsee any problems with doing it that way at least for the time being?

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Short term, no, long term, it allows co-mingling from other sellers into your supply.

I see @ASV_Vites replying, they are the expert here!


I’ve never done this scenario but the codes printed out of the workflow / manual label printing process are generated by Amazon for the ASIN so they should work just fine.

Your other option is to get one of the many available Avery templates / label stock, use the free UPC generator which comes with the free Avery software on their site, generate the UPC code and print and apply over the code. We do this for our Walmart inventory where we sticker over the pre-printed FNSKU with the item’s UPC

We have multiple product labels for our better sellers but slower items, we just sticker over.


Great Suggestion, Thanks! I will look into the Avery UPC generators for future shipments


It’s a great option / very DIY

Avery has saved the day for us more than I care to admit. LOL

Once you find your template, click start designing, click where I have the red arrow, enter your barcode and barcode type and suddenly you have a full sheet of codes to print / apply when needed.


I never knew this existed tbh lol I was looking for something like that


If you’re really lazy or don’t have a good printer, they will print the sheets for you. Never done that and Imagine it isn’t cheap but no matter who you are, Avery has a solution when it comes to labels for anything.

PS - I don’t work there - LOL - Just really appreciate them for home and Biz


@ASV_Vites suggestion of Avery is very solid. We also use it for UPC generation for labels.


I’m testing it now and I this will solve many other barcode label issues I have , really solid suggestion my friend thank you again!