Cannot list DVD

I have been trying to list a DVD set on amazon for two days and although it shows saved and the usual thank you for your suggestion dialog, it doesn’t show up in my inventory nor the offer page. This is the first time it’s happened in the 25 years I’ve been listing.

I called seller support and was not able to understand him nor his suggestions to upload on Excel then download to the catalog. I am a “show me” visual kind of person and have problems with text.

Is there anybody here who can help me? Normally, it wouldn’t bother me so much but the DVD set is selling for $100+

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I’m not sure what going on with the listing since I have no problems listing DVDs unless it says (Apply to Sell).

I’m a little reluctant to sell high price DVDs on Amazon due to scams. If you ever get the item listed be sure to use Amazon buy shipping. Some scammers will NOT want to file an A-Z for INR (Item Not Received) if they are already on Amazon’s radar.

Also, In case it is a glitch, you may want to keep check on “Manage Inventory” to be sure it is not listed more than once.


If it ever shows up, it will be listed at least a dozen times as that’s how many times I tried since yesterday.
And I always use Amazon shipping labels.
Thank you for your response and hopefully I can get this listed unless I sell it (for a little less) on eBay.


Ebay is where I would list it as the risk is almost zero compared to Amazon.


:thinking: Hmmm…have you checked your drafts, just in case? It’s odd that it’s not even in your Inventory.

Catalog > Complete your Drafts

@wadeorcas had something similar happen lately, too.

I second this.


I’ll be surprised if there’s not a ‘fourthed’ consensus in our Seller Community regarding this paradigm, as it became evident to a non-BMVD seller like me, way, way back in the discussions between the seasoned and savvy forum veterans who ply that trade @ least as far back as the “Aces” days in the ASF (“Amazon Seller Forums”), that our friend Frs’ recommendation of an alternative venue was likely to prove the path of least resistance - whether Amazon’s intransigence was, demonstrably, in actuality founded in Reality, or not.

Zero in my complete your drafts. I checked that several times. I think we may be seeing more and more of this.

Any update, @Anni8 ? @casbboy and @wadeorcas have had similar disappearing drafts, too.

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