Careful, USPS Regional A/B Boxes may cause issues

Amazon Buy Shipping is having a glitch showing Regional Boxes today.
I already noticed someone posted on the NSFE already.

Vineyard_Provisions beat me to it. Link to post [link]

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Another report of the same, from another seasoned & savvy forum vet (@Simos), was created a few hours after Vineyard’s over in the NSFE:

Sounds like the Amazon programmers were having a party at work again —

How long can we continue to blame the Great Change (first class >> ground advantage)?

They just cannot handle any USPS change.

I think it gripes Amazon severely that they don’t control USPS. So they turn a blind eye to the malicious bots.

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Really nailed it


AGREED. They want control of it all, without accountability. Not hatin’ on them, just stating facts. :woman_shrugging:

I think you pegged it.

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It goes beyond change …

@Roxy noted a few months back that Amazon was saying Priority Mail would take longer than Ground Advantage (or First Class Package). To begin with, we didn’t see it but, after Amazon removed FCP, we are seeing Ground Advantage estimated shipping transit one day faster than Priority Mail about 85% of the time.

Amazon would rather play horseshoes and just be close than play darts and hit the bullseye.

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Allow me to adjust that for you since it’s Amazon and all their destructive might that is at work here –

Amazon would rather play hand grenades where close is enough…

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Pro Tip: Regional Rate B boxes, assembled inside-out so that only the repeated pattern “use priorty mail” shows, make excellent 0.5 cu ft “cubic rate” packages.
(We have a pile of them, and intend to use them, waste not, want not.)

No need to do anything with the boxes. The PO had a post when they discontinued the Regional Rate A, B, and, C pricing that the boxes can be used for priority with no problem.

I have used a bunch since then.

Just fold and tape them shut.

So the word T A P E is bad now (unless I hit the “R” key instead…

What can I say, I’m typing challenged AND I have used the same keyboard so long lots of keys no longer show what they are…

…which is what happened! I fixed it for you.

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Please help me out here.

I often used Regional Flat flat-rate boxes to ship nearly all expedited orders for much less than ordinary USPS flat-rate boxes. Depending on distance, they often cost $5-7 to ship

This option seems to have disappeared, and I am forced to use ordinary USPS flat-rate boxes that cost 14 bucks to send anywhere.

This is not an improved service from the USPS.

The Regional Rates were discontinued quite a while ago and they won’t be coming back anytime soon (if at all).

The choices would now be Priority Mail, UPS, FedEx (which I do NOT use) and MAYBE Ground Advantage since that seems to be moving just as fast as Priority in a lot of cases.

I have a small advantage since I am in fly-over country AND have a really good PO Distribution Center to work with.

As examples. my last two shipments to PR used Priority and Ground Advantage.

The Priority was shipped on 10/28 and delivered on 10/31.

The Ground Advantage was shipped on 10/30 and delivered on 11/3.

That is one extra day for GA and both were early as far as Amazon terms go.

Life is a moving target and you always have to change and adapt to whatever comes your way. Change the shipping templates to take the extra costs into consideration.

Since AMAZON is a TIME based system, for close orders you can make a few extra $$$$ by using GA instead of Priority in a lot of cases. On eBay you would be forced to send it by whatever shipping method the buyer chose to use.

Thank you for your input.

I recently had an expedited order for a book on Amazon that allowed me to use BPM rates via Amazon shipping, so I did.

It got there on time. I saved a few bucks.

This does not happen very often.


And depending on the weight and size … Ground Advantage Cubic can be useful.

And … Ground Advantage includes $100 insurance …

We see the same results in delivery times with Priority Mail vs Ground Advantage.