Change to Valid Tracking Rate & On-Time Delivery Rate?

Today I noticed something different on the Shipping Performance page:

Anybody else have this same thing?

I’m pretty sure my “Valid Tracking Rate” & “On-Time Delivery Rate” use to have “0%” for both of them because I use Amazon Buy shipping and everything have been delivered on time laterly. I don’t really know when those 2 rating changed to “N/A”.

What does that mean? Is this just a Amazon system glitch, or Amazon no long care about them and are doing way with them?


My valid tracking rate has been showing the incorrect 30 day total of orders for at least a week. It only shows 30 orders/last 30 days when the real number is in the hundreds. Something is definitely going on with those statistics.

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Ours shows normal.

System wasn’t communicating with the widget when you looked or the system might have been updating when you looked. Amazon isn’t doing away with this. Amazon can’t push for “faster” deliveries without knowing these metrics.

Do you mean when your orders are in the hundreds over 30 days? Or which “real number”?

Just trying to delve into Amazon’s brain. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Yes, I have way more than 30 orders in the past 30 days.

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I am constrained to agree.

I suspect that future historians will be quite likely to attribute it to Amazon’s ongoing struggle to integrate Ground Advantage, into the current deployment of Buy Shipping Service/Merchant Shipping Service functionality, to ITS own liking.

With every passing day, the Ides Of March approacheth…


ongoing struggle to integrate Ground Advantage, into the current deployment of Buy Shipping

I bet that’s it. GA shipments aren’t being counted in the metric.


@papy, 60 is not even close to an accurate count of my total orders in the last month. It could be the number of orders for which I’ve bought a non-GA shipping label though.

@Dreamscape-Studio @TheOrangeCrush @Lost_My_Marbles check your order count over the next few days. If the number goes down each day (assuming you only buy GA labels from this point on), then this is probably the explanation.


Our 10 and 30 Late Shipment rate count was off only by what went out on last Saturday and today Monday. The date range included today’s date September 11th. It showed September 11th last night when we did the post above. That would tell us that it is not an issue with Ground Advantage but instead an issue with the program showing and reporting the correct time of measurement. If we adjust our counts by Saturday 9/9 and Monday 9/11, then the count matches up.

The Valid Tracking Rate and the On Time Delivery Rate states Aug 3 thru Sep 1; however the number of orders being reported matches the 10 day time frame of the Late Shipment Rate above with the same 2 day difference of Saturday 9/9 and Monday 9/11.

To us, it appears the Valid Tracking Rate and On Time Delivery Rate are currently set to the 10 Late Shipment Rate setting. This would not be an issue with Ground Advantage tracking into the system but it could have been created by the implementation of trying to add Ground Advantage into the system and messing up the date range reporting calculation when do so.


For the time period of 8/3 - 9/1, I had 10 orders that was shipped with Amazon Buy shipping USPS First Class Mail (before GA was available), and 2 orders were shipped with Amazon Buying Shipping Ground Advantage.

All 12 orders were counted in “Late Shipment Rate 0%”, but non of them counted for “Valid Tracking Rate”, nor “On-Time Delivery Rate”.

I guess my FBM orders was small enough that they were totally omitted for those ratings.


Ours has been N/A for months. We do use the heavy bulk template (most of our items are exempt per Amazon policy for LTL). It used to have a percentage and then it was gone, so we assumed the exemption was the reason, but not really sure.

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This would be the time frame for Valid Tracking and On-Time Delivery.

Time Window: 30 days Promised Delivery Date : Aug 3, 2023 - Sep 1, 2023

Late Shipment Rates have two date ranges

Time Window: 10 days
Order Date : Sep 2, 2023 - Sep 11, 2023

Time Window: 30 days
Order Date : Aug 13, 2023 - Sep 11, 2023

Both based on the Order Date

When comparing numbers, only the orders with Order Dates between Aug 13, 2023 and Sept 1, 2023 that had Promised Delivery Dates between August 13, 2023 and September 1, 2023 would appear in the Valid Tracking Rate, On-Time Delivery Rate and the 30 day window for Late Shipment Rate at the same time as this would be the only overlap of the time frames between the different metric measurements. The numbers between the four metrics shouldn’t match exactly (with only the Valid Tracking Rate and On-Time Delivery Rate having the possibility of actually matching numbers but will not be for matching orders).

One thing that made us question :thinking: was the listing of a “Category” on the Valid Tracking Rate. The category listed for us is interesting to say the least, but above that would be … what about the sellers who’s products are across different categories? Do they have a drop down to view different category metric values? What would be the purpose of tracking by “category”?