Change Variation Order on Listing?

I’ve never had this issue. I choose size for bedding and Amazon knows what order the sizes go in.

Every bedding page shows the variations in proper order, and when I added the variations I kept them in that proper order to ensure no issue. But…

What’s the best way to correct this? It should start with the smallest size and go up, like every other Amazon bedding listing. Not sure why it is breaking here.

We have had this issue with color variations.

The workaround I found was to put the color code in the variation at the start of that variation.

000 White ABCD
010 Black ABCD
020 Red ABCD

Then they format in order. Think like a computer, or the person that programed it way back when.

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I’m not sure what you mean. The sizes were actually limited to what was allowed in the variation template, and I can’t custom size them:

If you look at the listing above, their sizes are in order of actual size. That’s what it usually does.

What’s interesting is that the sizes came out in proper order on my other bedding category listing.

Or you say do that in the listing title?

I am not saying it can not be done, or should not be done automatically.

All I am saying is when we can not get things to order correctly, we added the color number to the variation.

To be sure when we get above 090 we go to 100 and 349 is lower in the list than 100. If we did 10 and then 99, then 100 it would order 10,100,99.

Not saying it’s clean or nice, it is just a workaround we did when we could not fix the problem.

99% of the time we find workarounds, why? I got tired of kissing pigs and never getting a prince or princess. I expect no help from Amazon.

Possibly others will come along with other ideas.

For most our items, it does not concern me the order on the page.

very true. but this doesn’t work. Very competitive field where any confusion will kill the sale. I can’t have people wondering why our variation layout doesn’t look like every other person selling bedding. I still can’t find a single listing encountering the same bug we are having.

And I can’t manually change the size names, have to be from what’s allowed in the size dropdown for my category.

And, if the robot was working as it should, the order would still be wrong. I have
Full, Queen, King and California King. If it were doing order by alphabet, it would have placed them
CAlifornia King, Full, King, Queen

Instead it did:
Full, King, Queen, California King

Showing no sense to its order.