Changes to Grade and Resell program


We have updated the way Grade and Resell impacts account health when customers leave reviews or initiate returns.

If a customer leaves a return comment or review that mentions an issue with the product condition or product defects that should have been caught by Amazon during grading, these reviews will have no impact on your account health and will not be included in your account health metrics.

For more information, go to the “FBA Grade and Resell” page:

The Amazon Services team

In theory, this is good. In practice, who knows.

This sounds an awful like a make our “partners” (LOL) feel good email. There’s no way to verify this is actually being done. I have a feeling “Katie” wrote this up…

Typical Amazon BS

I actually read it as a notification that a new bot will be implemented to scan the return comments and reviews to determine if we are “at fault” or not. At some future date this metric will be used to determine eligibility in the program or the level of fees or something stupid.


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As an FBA Buyer, this gives me some hope that Amazon is actually trying to minimize harm to FBA Sellers, when Billy sends crap returns back out for “new” sales.

In this case, I didn’t leave a product review or seller feedback, but my “reason for return” comment was clear that I blamed Amazon and not the Seller. It’s reassuring to know that Amazon won’t penalize the Seller’s internal metrics/VOC for something Amazon itself fouled up…if accurate.


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