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We recently purchased a company and the rights to their products. We want to change the brand name on Amazon and add it to our brand registry. The items will be the same, we only want to change the brand name and gain control of the listing. What would we need to provide in order to do this?

Very tough, if at all possible, as far as my knowledge goes.

Not sure you can do what you want without deleting/creating new listings under the brand you want.

This also means you would loose the reviews.

Darn, I knew it wouldn’t be easy. We purchased the UPCs from them as well, so I don’t think we can create a new listing for them.

You may MAY, be able to delete the listing wait the 24-48 hour timeframe and then relist it with the new brand and same UPC. But if you are not the listing page creator, if there are other people selling on the ASIN, or other circumstances that will make it much harder. Again, you would still lose the reviews going this route anyways, which my guess is you want to keep.

You may try reaching out to SS and see what they say about it.

You could also keep the brand name and get that brand registered in your Amazon account as well, which would still give you control.

Others may chime in with a different take/opinion.

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Oh, I didn’t think of going that route. That’s a great idea!

If you have SAS, it can be done. We just did it.

Other than that, it’s a shot in the dark working with seller support / brand registry.

Your best path is to get your attorney to work with Amazon legal to facilitate this. You have all the documentation for the purchase of the rights.

Question for you though… The brand name would need to be on the packaging or product. If you want to change it, how would you show a picture of the product with a different brand name on it? Amazon is going to want to see that.

I would not delete the listing and try and set it up with a new brand name. The listing will have the same brand name when you try and resurrect it with the unique identifier (UPC). Tried that already. LOL

In our case, let’s say we had a brand name called Joe’s Solutions and a product under that brand called Joe’s Solutions Kids.

Our TM application failed for Joe’s Solutions but we were able to TM Joe’s Solutions Kids and that’s what’s on the packaging so all the stars aligned to make it legit and that’s how we did it through SAS.

ETA - Joe’s Solutions is made up for example purposes only.

Good Luck




Since GS1 no longer permits Brand changes to GTINs, you might be asking for trouble in the event that the listings are every reverified against GEPIRs.


Odd… We can still change brand names on the datahub.

I just went in to test the theory on an item that we deleted but is still listed as “In Use”

It allowed the change and the save and when I went back in the change stuck…


IDK, it was announced two years ago.

And Official Documentation states;

The primary brand is the brand most recognisable by the consumer, as determined by the brand owner, and can be expressed as a logo and/or words.

A change to the primary brand that appears on the trade item, requires assignment of a new GTIN.

Primary brand | GTIN Management | GS1 - The global language of business

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For the nonce.

It might be interesting to know whether or not the same proves true in the future; I’d revisit 10 days hence (GS1, like its enemy reluctant partner Amazon, is not particularly known for moving at anything other than a glacial pace) - and if I really wanted to push the envelope, I might try seeing whether or not I could actually use such a change in commerce.