Changing ship to address policy

Looking for someone to steer me to policy at Amazon that I can cut and paste and send link to a buyer that states not to ship to an alternate address requested by the customer. I see an A-Z coming, have already had too much back and forth with the buyer, and would like to send one last note, bullet point, via messaging to hopefully use in winning the appeal when it comes. I am the worst at finding stuff on the computer. A search in the Amazon help section didn’t get me anywhere useful.

Thanks for any help, I know practically anyone here but me can do this. :worried:


I hope someone else can find something. No luck here.

I do know that for many years one of the contact reasons from the buyer side was a request to ship to different address (and yes, during that time period it was not allowed for sellers to do so)

No idea if that contact reason has been removed.


This came up when googled:
Can you change shipping address on Amazon in after order is placed?

Please note, you can update the shipping address, payment method, and more, by visiting Your Orders in Your Account. However, If your order has already entered the shipping process / been shipped, you cannot change the delivery address for those orders. You can, however, change your delivery address for future orders.

Of course, this is for the buyer.


The former SHC (“Seller Help Content”) page on this subject, “A buyer has asked me to ship an order to a different address. What should I do?” @ https: // - which specifically stated the prohibition on 3P Sellers for changing delivery address for an Order ID that is live - has apparently been deprecated, so sending a link to an ‘external’ version URL for that page is no longer a possibility; if there’s a replacement for that I’ve yet to find it.

I might be inclined to send the Customer to the CHC (“Customer-facing Help Content”) page “Change Your Order Information” @, with particular emphasis upon what is stated in this section:


Okay, thanks everyone for trying. The customer doesn’t even need to cancel the order. They gave the wrong postal code, it came back to me ($10 return postage) and I refunded the book price with the reason “Undeliverable Address.” They don’t wish to re-order with the corrected address, which is now an entirely different street (though the postal code is the same as for the previous address.) They just sent me the new address and want it shipped. Someone made an error and doesn’t seem to want to admit it or pay the shipping again.

Going out to run errands, I’ll let it stew in my brain and reply to them when I’m back later. These things happen so rarely to me that I usually just do it and move on. But the words of SellC on the OSFE are always there, about not letting the customer screw one over. For some reason this customer is pushing a button.


Personally I would reply as if you were using Amazon’s Buy Shipping.

“Amazon’s buy shipping system automatically enters the shipping address directly from the order to ensure accuracy and does not allow me to edit or change the address. If an alternative address is desired, you must cancel the order and reorder with the correct address.”


I like the idea. And I have already stated that I must ship to the address provided, but wanted the link in messaging for A-Z appeal when he files one. Unfortunately in the back and forth, I’ve sent a photo of the package with the notice showing “Undeliverable.” With my hand printed address. So he knows I can print whatever I like. He just doesn’t want to pay shipping again, or admit there was an error on their end.


I, too am a fan of our friend SellC’s long-standing approach to combating criminal behaviour with fire; like s/he (among others, like SAS’ own @rms), we do not allow the ASBSA’s (“Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement”) prohibition against filing civil charges against a member of the Amazon Buyer Community interfere with filing criminal charges when such is warranted - and Amazon has never once balked in the (admittedly, rather rare) situations where we have done so.

You are right to be suspicious; although it is always possible that the recalcitrant buyer you’re dealing with has no nefarious intent in mind, it’s also true that such entreaties as you’ve described are a well-known scamming ploy that’s been broadly touted for many years.


As Far as I know there was no policy on Amazon that stated that.

In the older “ship sold now” messages the wording was something like this.

Keep in mind that you agreed to ship this order no later than XXXXX. You are responsible for the item until it reaches the buyer at the address provided in your seller account. We recommend purchasing insurance for high value shipments.

However in Feb this year they changed the format to remove this and instead try to convince you to use Amazon buy shipping



I hate their stupid updates to SHC.

I would fall back on this page though as far as Seller Help under “Amazon’s A-to-z Guarantee claims.”

Scroll down to “After a claim is filed”

  • The claim is automatically granted: Amazon will automatically grant the claim and debit the claim amount from your account in the following circumstances:

    • You did not deliver the order to the address provided by the customer.

Your thinking on this situation is sound. If you ship to that new address, you have no protection from further loss and customer shenanigans. Amazon’s help section, for many years, expressly prohibited shipping to a different address, but now it is, at best, vague/silent on the subject. You have received good advice in this thread.

If you get a claim, one of your valid defenses is that you’ve already lost a fair bit in shipping costs and can’t risk losing any more. Plus, to my knowledge, there is nothing in the TOS or help pages that says a seller is required to re-ship or accept an alternate address when an item is returned as undeliverable.


I ran into a different flavor of this issue - the customer gives an “address” which may be an acceptable street address for Amazon to deliver to with their own truck, but is NOT a valid address for USPS, as that address gets its mail at a box number at the post office and there is no USPS delivery to the home, due to the rural nature of the area.

So, they order, and if you decide are shipping FBM, you can choose UPS, who MIGHT deliver to that address, or USPS who will not.

So, if someone is fair, and gives an address with both a street address and a box number, they are being accurate, and the seller is expected to decipher this, but I think a lot of people pay this game hoping that the post office will refuse to deliver, but hold it for them to pick up (or put it in their box), and allow them to claim INR.

Or maybe they are just profoundly stupid…


Yepper - this is another aspect which has long been widely touted as a scamming ploy.


So…what happened? :sweat_smile:

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This customer did an A-Z for the shipping that I did not refund them and of course won, though I got no metrics hit. Then I contacted Canada Post, and they gave me back the postage, since their computer tracking showed it “returned to sender” but with no reason. :smile: All I’m out is the $10 return shipping, so overall not bad. They did not re-order the book from me. Darn.


I should have noted that the sarcasm button was in play here. They can find the darn book somewhere else, and hopefully pay more. Yes, I can be petty.