Changing SKU in Confirmed Shipment Plan. Mission Impossible?

Hi. Is there a way to change the SKU in a Shipment Plan that’s currently in “Working Status” even though the shipment is already confirmed ? (meaning Step 2 is done).

This is for a pallet shipment, and we’re past the 1-hour window to cancel the shipment without charges, but we’re still within 24 hours from confirming (though 24 hours should be the window for SPD only)

I doubt it, but maybe there is a chance by escalating a case to someone who can help?
I am hopeless.

We want to send the same ASIN and quantity, but we need to change the SKU because we were supposed to send a SKU with an Amazon Barcode, however we selected a SKU with a Manufacturer Barcode.

(context: 12000 units at 2k placement fees).

Thank you.


6000 units. typo.
Still significant


I’m unaware of a way to change this on your own and there’s no chance that seller support will help you, although you could try. Because this is an urgent matter, you prob should request a call back and hope you get someone that knows that they are doing on the other end (unlikely).

Cancelling it will only result in the loss of the freight charge. You will not be charged the placement fees for something that never got to FBA. Not even Amazon is criminal enough to do that.


Hey Steve, thank you! Canceling will be our best option - I appreciate the pointer.

Quick question for everyone:
Do you know whether the freight charges are incurred when canceling after confirming step 2, or only after step 4 of the workflow?

Seller Support says it’s after step 4, but I believe it’s after step 2.
The guidelines seem a bit ambiguous to me, but I might be missing something due to a language barrier.



Did you print the pallet labels? If you didn’t, you might be OK.

That’s when the carrier gets notified.


I guess my answer would be a yes, since we are at the step where we have to Print the labels, so they are available (Step 3).
Thank you again!

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