Chargeback - Why Does Amazon Ask Us Anything?

A customer filed a credit card chargeback for reasons unknown.
All the information required is in the “Order Details” screen on Amazon.
So, why does Amazon bother the SELLER with copying and pasting that information (ship date, tracking number, etc) into an email?

It would seem that Amazon wants to “own the customer” until the customer has a problem, and then they want to toss that problem customer into the seller’s lap.

Well, yeah! All A’s on the report card – that’s my kid! Threw a rock threw the neighbor’s greenhouse – that’s your kid.

I suspect Amazon is required to notify the seller.


Yeah, but “informing the seller” is one thing, making threats is another:

“Please note that failure to respond to this inquiry within seven (7) days of this e-mail with sufficient information may result in a debit to your Amazon Payments account up to the amount of the transaction in accordance with Amazon’s Business Solutions Agreement (أمازون).”

When they have all the relevant info already, demanding that the seller “respond” within so many days is presumptuous and dragging the seller into a transaction that is purely between Amazon and the customer.

It could be simply Amazon checking the box in a manner proving you received said notification. Or more likely imbecilic bots/programming/procedures.


I suspect you’re correct - after all, there does exist statutory law specifying such notification both here and in many of Amazon Global Marketplaces abroad - and apparently so does the FMT/CMT’s KJ_Amazon (one of the better mods ever since the New Year, New Voices Initiative, IMHO) in this NSFE discussion reply (link) posted today (102023; selected redactions of copypasta-embedded URLs & italicized/bolded emphasis in KJ’s response mine; OP’s original text above divider, following discussion’s Title in bold):

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Yepper, it appears something is afoot on this front, as Tatiana_Amzon (another of the mods who has also demonstrated willingness to help, and a marked improvement in performance over earlier efforts back when she was still wet behind the ears) has also sortied into the fray (link, NSFE) today (same amendments for copypasta & redactions as applied in previous quote upthread apply):

I believe the reason you are asked to respond is so you can add anything to the representation for this dispute which you believe is necessary.

The Amazon role in this dispute is to pass through your representation, It may be limited to the information they have on the order and shipping or may exceed that info.

I have won disputes with idiots who did not know what they were buying by explaining what they were purchasing with photos from the listing and the item description.

These were sufficiently understandable so that the buyer could not offer an alternative set of facts.

The repeat chargeback situation was often due to a change in the buyer representation of the dispute. Since Amazon does not provide the buyer representation, many sellers guess wrong in their representation and lose the second dispute.

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But they don’t let us upload any proof of anything. Just got one, which I cannot understand for the life of me. I have the best return policy ever, and the customer didn’t even contact me.

Many buyers do not recognize their Ebay purchases on their credit card bill as a specific item.

Once upon a time, when a buyer called their credit card issuer and said I do not recognize this purchase, the card issuer issued a retrieval request for information on the sale.

Now a days, the human bot opens a chargeback dispute. It is the cheapest way to deal with it. I captures money immediately for the card issuer.


Holy heck. A third chargeback claim for the same order. The first one was resolved in my favor. The second one is pending. The third one…I guess they were upset with the results of the first one.

It is $8!!! I can give them $8!!!


You could, but at this point I would stay firm just on principle. We do this, when people try to leverage feedback/reviews for returns/refunds. If they were nice about it, we would just fix their issue.


If they had asked, I would have, but I don’t want to lose the case and ding myself.


Don’t do anything at this point. It is bizarre to have opened a third chargeback while the second is pending. Let their bank/card clear the kerfuffle, see where you land at that time.


What’s weird about the third one is I got the email from Amazon, but I did not get the button to let me tell Amazon to represent me. I created a case for it, because the email said I need to respond within 10 days and there’s no other way for me to respond.


Dings are overrated. The odds of another chargeback are either remote or you have the volume to make them commonplace IMO.

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I don’t feel like I have a lot of volume. Just Handmade.


You are probably more likely to have your account suspended for a comma in your insurance policy or on your INFORM Act filing, than chargebacks.