Clock changes are..

Clock changes are the VA’s of timekeeping. The premise was always nonsense, their biggest proponents are people nobody should ever trust, they make everything worse while solving nothing, it takes real time and effort for us to fix the predictable problems they caused, we would all be better off without them, and somehow we can’t get rid of them.


One could always move to Hawaii or Arizona … :thinking:


Or to Saskatchewan.

Every year at this time our Premier here in BC says (s)he would love to get rid of the change as us peasants would like, but as usual, we wait for the USA to lead, we shall follow. So please tell the three west coast states to get with it. Apparently its been getting “debated” for a decade or so. :roll_eyes:

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Oh Lord… time zones and Daylight Savings… used to try to include Indiana folks on conference calls. MOST of the state is in the Eastern Time Zone, but a few counties on the northwest and southwest corners are on CENTRAL Time.

And, to make matters worse, some, not all of the counties observed daylight savings, and others did not.

At one point, I gave up and started sending email using nothing but Zulu time for all meetings that including those guys at Indiana Bell, which became part of Ameritech, but still persisted in calling themselves “Indiana Bell”, even down to letterhead, so one can see a clear pattern of obtuse obstreperousness.

The whole state observes daylight savings more recently, if anyone is keeping score.


Or Puerto Rico…

And as a “Public Service Announcement” to you all, this is a great time to visit.
November to May the weather is just spectacular. Not hot, tropical breeze, cool mountains.

Like Hawaii, PR is not a museum place. Mainly nature. The beaches, surfing in Rincon (watching for me - haha), Bioluminescent bays, mangroves, fishing, to mountain water falls to swim, and walks in the only tropical forest in the US.

There is the Fort in San Juan, Old San Juan, and Barcardi Rum distillery, on the other size of the bay that are the historical gems of the island. Great food )of course) and gambling if your heart desires.

Rent a car, drive around the island, get yourself lost in some crazy roads, and visit a coffee plantation (of old) , or pull off to the side for some mango or local dish.

Relax, enjoy, and come back home ready to deal with the madness of Amazon


This is a classic rant about timezones, daylight savings and so on from the point of view of the humble programmer trying to make programs that handle the “time”.

ah, who cares for the programmers. Just a subset of societies workforce. Actually good for them, as that is biannual billings built in.

For the rest of us, we just wake up, our clocks all now reset. Not like in the old days where some clocks would go days and weeks off, until we finally get around to it.

Really, I barely notice in my virtual world.


Wow, that was long, but very funny.
Tha last minute - the google solution, must re hear, again.

very entertaining

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I lived in Arizona for a few years; it was weird when the rest of the country went on or off DST, as network TV shows would all change what time they came on. The kicker is that some stations would switch which feed they were using (east coast when standard time, west coast during DST), so some shows would move one hour, others would change by 2 hours in the other direction.
And while Arizona doesn’t observe DST, the Navajo Reservation, which is mostly in AZ, does observe it; but the Hopi Reservation, entirely surrounded by the Navajo Reservation, does not.

On the bright side, I can now start listening to my Sunday night blues show on KJZZ starting at 8:00. :wink:


Yeah, they’re doing it all wrong.

If you want to change the time so people’s schedules line up better with sunrise, you should be changing the clocks roughly 20 seconds per day, rather than the whole hour at once.


@Sundance when he crosses it off his calendar :rofl:


There was something (referendum?) on the state ballots several years ago and 60% of Cali voted to trash the whole time change thing. And yet here we are, with the same old same old stupid.

I’m one of those Indiana folks that would like to go back to not observing Daylight Savings Time.

It is asinine to adjust the clocks. There are 24 timezones for a reason. People at the front, middle, and tail end longitudes of each timezone all experience different amounts of “daylight” as do those along the different latitudes within the timezone.

The challenge with Indiana was who do we want to line up with commercially/economically:
Chicago which is physically closer or New York which historically was the center of business.
NW Indiana chose to line up with Chicago since lots of people commute to and from there. SW Indiana went to Central also with Louisville KY. The rest of the state to Eastern.

Want more daylight in winter (Nov-Feb)? Move closer to the equator. Leave the “time” alone.

There was a study done that found night owls preferred to live in places like Norway where daylight is very very very very limited for several months of the year. Those who live there and like daylight are often found in “the sun room” during the winter as the walls are covered with pictures of the summer sun.

When we die, our time on this rock floating around in space will not be marked by the clock and daylight hours but merely the number of revolutions we spent roaming around space.

Because of a federal law from I believe the 1960’s.

The senate voted 100% to get rid of it in one bill
The House voted to get rid of it with 90% on another bill

Problem is people can’t agree whether to stay on standard or daylight savings time.

Why don’t they just move the time 30 minutes to be in the middle? That way everyone can be pissed off.


I’m a night owl, not because I like limited light, but because I like quiet and limited distractions. My mother was also a night owl, and I think there’s a genetic component to our preferences.


I’m a night owl too for the same reason. I come from a large family, I’m one of nine children. Growing up I discovered that the only time I could get any peace and quiet was when everyone else was asleep. It carried on to adulthood.


Exactly. I can focus, deal with my own to-do list better and not everyone else’s fires. Except now as a mom of three school age kids, it just means that I work 2.5/3 shifts and split sleep between a few hours in the wee morn before the day starts and a few hours mid-day before the afternoon shift.

My personal vote is for permanent standard time, where we are now. It keeps things as simple (and as healthy) as possible.

Ideally we just experienced the last calendar-based time change of ever, but I fear…[so many self-edits to avoid even the appearance of any SAS-prohibited topics :zipper_mouth_face:]…not.