clothing sellers- curious if your sales are down?

clothing sellers, are your sales down?
fyi, I am NOT a clothing seller. but when I do my personal shopping on amazon, the search results are horrible. I would like to buy! But amazon makes it incredibly difficult. If I click ‘top brands’, I get such terrible brands and tons of chinese ones. Top brands used to be good stuff. And even if I click ‘premium brands’, I’m getting the tiniest fraction of what is actually on amazon! it’s infuriating as a shopper. So I’m just curious if maybe other buyers have the same issue, and you clothing sellers are feeling it!

As a seller, my HBA sales are abysmal. Items that used to appear on page 1 are now on page 3. Amazon is constantly pulling the buy box, and even with a bb, items that should sell constantly are just not selling! no it’s not the economy.
I often say amazon is either flipped ‘on’ or ‘off’. It used to go back and forth, lately it’s just very few sales. It used to be that an item with 20 sellers, even if I was the highest price, with no bb, it would still sell! (i use ads). now, nothing. It’s as if amazon is not paying attention to the items rank. or maybe the algorithm changed so the value of the rank is no longer the same?!. End rant.


Something is definitely up with the algorithm. I wonder if they’ve flipped a switch somewhere in prep for Prime Day or if Prime Days ads are gumming up the works.

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