[CNN] Consumers are ‘retrenching.’ What that means for recession fears

Consumers are ‘retrenching.’ What that means for recession fears

The difference between a recession and a recession mindset


We had two negative quarters of GDP growth… the most commonly recognized signifier for a recession… and then they changed the definition of a recession. :clap: :clap: :clap:

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In my sciencing days we differentiated between clinical significance and practical significance.

If it feels like a recession, then it is functionally a recession–even if it doesn’t meet the operational definition criteria.

At the same time, I despise recession fear-mongers, who influence the recession mindset.

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Some consumers are retrenching, others are not.

Some are more affected by inflation and fears of recession than others.

I have always seen my online sales affected by the stock market. A function of the buyers for what I sell.

April was a very good month for me, with the stock market drifting, my less affluent buyers spent early, and my average sale amount was up for the last 3 weeks of the month, and # of sales for the month were up.

May is starting with decent sales, but many of them are returning small ticket buyers. I am hoping my more affluent buyers will not be affected by the recent bad days at the market.


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