Condescending little &^%$#(

So, Amazon lost yet another shipment - a single case of 48 units. It was received, scanned, counted, and confirmed at the first FC, and then, days later reported “lost” by another FC. For some reason Amazon dug in their heels and pretended that the Inventory Ledger did not exist, despite its definitive and authoritative status.

So, after a few senseless repeats of “we have no record of receiving the specific units in question”, this arrives:


Greetings from Fulfillment by Amazon,

Thank you for your patience while we investigate your missing units from Shipment ID: FBAabcdef.

We have completed an additional check in response to your request for further investigation of the missing items and we still have no record of receiving the specific units in question.

As a gesture of goodwill, we have issued a reimbursement for the missing units in your shipment.

You can view the reimbursement amounts in your Reimbursement Report through this link:

Server Busy

Type the following reimbursement ID in the Reimbursement ID field and click ‘Generate Report’.

Reimbursement ID: xyzxyz

Like the song says “B*tch Better Have My MONEY”

I HATE this line.

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I wonder if anyone in Amazon manglement actually understands how ridiculous their entire system has become.

If you are a seller and they flag you for something (it doesn’t matter whether you actually did or one of the BOTS just decided that you did) it is required for you to fall on your sword, admit that you were wrong, promise to be good in the future, and, tell them all the steps that have already been done to correct the grievous error/offense that you did or did not commit and prevent it from happening again.

On the other hand, Amazon itself gets to say – nothing to see here, move along small child…

You really have to be a glutton for punishment (or enjoy hypocrisy) to deal with these folks.


I guess I should ALSO mention that the “Merchant Inbound Coaching (MIC) Team” CONTINUES to presume to “coach me” about this “inbound problem” claiming " Problem:Inaccurate item quantity in box".

I will persist, as I will not have any accusation that our ability to put 48 units in a carton and properly ship it around the planet is any less perfect than it has been for 25 years plus.


I currently have a “shipping error” dashboard for one of these. They said they didn’t get one of my 22 units. 2 months later, voila! it was “received” - same shipment ID from the original so clearly just a late scan in.

But they won’t clear my dashboard. After the 4th go around on the case they told me my only recourse was a survey…

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A Survey?

“Stupidest Amazon Trick… Survey SAYS!..”

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Number One Response; “Amazon Claims we (the seller) Always Make The Error!”

Number Two Response; “Amazon Claims they (Fulfillments Centers) Never Make an Error!”


Number one response “Due to confidentiality, we cannot disclose the factors behind the decision.”

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I’m assuming that this is a deliberate substitution, and not a typo. Regardless, it is a beautiful phrase, and I’m going to steal it.


You must just be a young pup. That’s been around for years/decades. Here are a couple definitions/descriptions –

manglement - Wiktionary

Jan 20, 2023 · manglement (business, slang) Incompetent senior management. (business, slang) The harmful or destructive effects of incompetent senior management.


The second one didn’t want to load so I’ll try again –

" Manglement breaks down teams, loses productivity and often leads to high performers taking their talents elsewhere.

Manglement doesn’t care. Manglers don’t have the emotional intelligence to understand or even care. They see people as just numbers. They are unaware of the impact that this type of non management has on the people and ultimately the organisation."

Back in the day we actually had a real mangle and my mother taught me how to use it. HOT, HOT nasty machine.

There is ONE type of management that is worse than “manglement”. Far worse. This is just up the rise from the penguin exhibit at the San Degio Zoo.


That’s a really good Zoo. We went with my son, his wife, and, the Grand kids a few years ago when he was posted at the Consulate in Tijuana. Delays were so long in and out of MX that we never crossed the border to see his Government furnished house there. Lines two and three hours waiting at times.

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San Diego is perhaps one of the best on the planet. The penguin keepers are SeaWorld alumni, and good friends of ours. They created a YouTube soap-opera series about the romantic entanglements of the penguins called “Penguin Beach”. Hilarious.


Agree, and besides, they are a customer of ours. They provide inspiration to much of our artwork. They may not even know that.

Note to self, figure out how to connect better…