Creating new products on Amazon and I’m stuck on the image column. NONE of the IMGUR links are working.

It’s been a while since I did this. And I thought in the past that I may have left that column blank and later added all the images one by one??? For some reason, I don’t remember even using Imgur until Walmart came along…???

Downloaded a new spreadsheet to make sure I had the most current one – and stuck on main image.


Is there no basic “upload” option? :thinking:

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Sure there is but if you do that, it’s a lot more work. OP is doing an inventory upload to set up lots of listings / variations all at once and hosting their images so those links can be put into the file for upload.



From Seller Support:

Error code 90121 - Regular expression pattern not matched.
This error is generated when the value submitted for a given field does not match the regular expression pattern. To correct this issue, update the value so that it matches the specified pattern and resubmit your feed.

The image url must be in format (http|https|s3)://.


Error code 20015 - The URL for the image is invalid.
Make sure the link is a direct link to the image and not a link to the website hosting the image. In most browsers, you can right click the image and Copy Location for the URL. You can use http but not https in the url. If the link to the image starts with https, you will need to host your images in a non-secure site (http) and use the new links in your upload before you resubmit your file.

TRANSLATION: The link can not start with httpS.

Please ignore the warning Attributes tagged as relevant_attributes are incomplete. Provide values for the following attribute(s): recommended_uses_for_product as it can be update via inventory later on. Current feed file does not contain that value.

NOW THIS I find funny…and it’s a WTF? If it’s not available in the feed, FIX that on your end or LEAVE ME ALONE since it’s an optional field.


Yes, trying to upload a spreadsheet for a new pattern which means 12 items at once.

When you do one item at a time, there’s still lots of fields that need to be filled in once the item is created. Spreadsheet help reduce that part though I do go back to each one and add pictures beyond the main picture. But that’s only one tab or area…vs scrolling through each part.


You can put “http” into the URL without any worry - the imgur host will force the URL to an “https” with the return data to the amazon server.

But their instructions are certainly no help! :wink:


The issue is you’re linking to the page instead of the image. Try this instead:


I did try that link and it didn’t work.

So I am trying that link right now without the “s” behind http ???

I also realized that I have my photos on IMGUR hidden…but they’ve always been that way. So not sure that’s an issue or not.



Well NONE of that worked.

BUT I did find them all in my inventory SUPPRESSED! So now, one by one, I’ll go in and fix the missing parts and hope that tomorrow they are all “live”. I would do that at least with the image tab to add the rest of the images anyways.

So partial success???


So now they are not suppressed.

I don’t know which of my 50 attempts to create the items using the upload ACTUALLY created the initially suppressed listings. On some of them, the main picture was correct. So I went in and uploaded additional pictures only to find that the main picture WAS there. Next day, Amazon showed the second picture instead. So back into the picture section and sometimes the main picture was gone or still there. I got such a mix mash of results, that I still can’t say what I specifically did wrong. So I poked my way back through the photos and uploaded a main picture and put it in the correct position. This morning they all look correct.

Last step is to group them all into variations – gotta remember how to do that part and I’ll keep the spreadsheet simple by just using the necessary columns and do a partial update.

Once that takes, do another category download to preserve the catalog.


This is the stuff that makes Amazon so much worse than most other sales channels, for (truly) small business owners.