Connection issues?

I’m having issues opening threads and moving between categories, and everything is really slow. Is it me, or is something going on backend?

I suspect this:

Server load looks OK, ill check a few other things.

I did get an error earlier but I thought it was because I fat fingered back too many times. It cleared right away with a reload.

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I cleared my cache, dyed all my cookies blue and left them on the porch, seems OK now. I guess it was just me.

I was having lots of issues earlier here. Thought it was just me with too many windows open but maybe there was an issue.

Not sure this is the right place to reply with my issue, but here it is: I can access this site fully on my laptop wire connected, but I get a warning that the site is unsafe when I try to access this site on my Amazon Fire Tablet, wirelessly connected, in another room.

What gives?

Do you have your tablet browser set up to seek https (instead of http) automatically? :thinking:

I will look into this, but I do not have this issue with any other sites I access often.

Our apartment is about 2k+ SF, with very thick walls, so we have 2 wired/ wireless networks set up.