"Contact Buyer" options

I think you might be wrong about this, so you might want to confirm again as this is not the case for me. I just checked two orders of mine. One shipped yesterday and then I randomly checked a July order.

I have 6 options, and yes 3 are “greyed” out. But Send Invoice, Courtesy refund, and Other are available to choose. Only the “other” option am I able to modify the message.

On another UNRELATED point, on the Messages side of Amazon (not the order side where you click the customer name - the Contact Buyer page (CBP) ), there are Templates, where on the Contact Buyer page there is not, so on the CBP, I almost always click the “other” option, and enter a “X” and then send. Then open the Messages page, where I then select one of the many templates I have already made. It makes it all so much easier when using the message templates.

No, all other options were greyed except the Courtesy Refund on the buyer link on their order. It was a shipped order. Still that way:


First, I can NOT count. I have 8 options - Not 6 like yours,
Below is for an order SHIPPED March 20th - 6 months ago.

My only guess, is that I am in the Handmade program, though 95% of my Sales are not.
(and if you are wondering, all 3 orders I checked were not handmade.)

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Those are the options I used to see, and I would use ‘Other’; this the first time I have not had all those options. Maybe I am an earlier part of a new rollout.

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We have a tab opened to our message templates at all times. When we need one to use from clicking on the customer’s name in the order, we simply go to the template tab and click the Preview link of the template we need to use. In the Preview, we just copy the text and go back to the tab where the customer’s name message opened and paste into the message field box (and make the needed adjustments to personalize it … like name etc… ).

It doesn’t take any more time than opening Other, entering an X and sending only to go back to the message center, open the email and then click the template to insert. And our customers don’t get an annoying blank email which might train them to just ignore future emails.

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I could not do this because the ‘Other’ option that would allow a message was not available. I could only choose to refund.

Yeah, I did this for awhile, but most of my templates have INSERTS, like ship date, and tracking number, deliver by dates and carrier.

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OH SH*T, if that is the case.
Well another option (not a good one, and not for Amazon Buy Shippers), but available to me, is that I use Shipstation, and the customer contact (email) address is passed over by Amazon.

so I can then email them outside Amazon, and then converse (if they reply) within messages.


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Not just you … we went with the flow also :wink:

Our templates don’t use a lot of the [Inserts] and we have to copy/paste custom info into it so the template is more of a layout for us and not a speedy way to reply.


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