Could Months-Long Postal Delays Be Coming to a City Near You?

Anyone with packages to ship to/en-route to the Houston area should read this article. Major delivery delays are being caused by the transition of a hub there to the USPS “Delivering for America” plan - no end in sight yet for resolving the problem. I just had a Houston area package delivered more than 2 weeks late - fortunately the customer didn’t complain (perhaps they were aware of the PO problem).

But there’s no sign the USPS is rethinking its approach – on January 12th, Save the Post Office reported that the Postal Service published notices of intent to consolidate 30 more processing & distribution centers as part of the Delivering for America plan.

Online sellers around the country (and the world) are likely unaware of the problem that could impact any buyer located in the Houston area.


Very interesting.

We’ve noticed quite a bit of monkeying around with USPS delivery times in the Buy Shipping interface for a couple of months now. We’d chalked it up to holiday adjustments, but I wonder if Amazon, or their time-in-transit algorithms, are taking this USPS hub issue into account?

We’re in MA, and TX was traditionally a Priority Mail option for us, but many times lately Buy Shipping has been mandating UPS 3 Day and not showing Priority as an option.

Fingers crossed that this resolves itself sooner than anticipated!

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First welcome to SAS!

Probably not … most adjustments are probably just standard adjustments to USPS and the integration of Ground Advantage services.

We ship 100% USPS and never have lost USPS Priority Mail options. There have been issues for some people around the Holidays and Holiday Weekends where USPS options have disappeared. This is generally a result of their shipping settings and how Amazon Buy Shipping calculates on these Holiday periods.

If Amazon does not think your item will make it to the destination in time based on your shipping handle/transit times, then those shipping services based on those calculations will not show as an option to use.


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