Country Life Vitamins -- in recorded phone call says ANY AUTHENTIC test buys will have a counterfeit claim placed against it as per our policies

Doesn’t seem like a great idea to admit to harassing a brand owner until they retract a complaint.

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…or to post the brand’s employee’s name, which I’ve redacted here.

I can’t see the poster’s NSFE handle, so is CLV the brand they are complaining about, or the OP?


Country Life doesn’t have anything better to do. They are circling the drain compared to the past.

A little inside info - that company is for sale…

My partner looked at it a couple weeks ago. Owner is a nut job. I warned him of the same. I know the owner and the family… They are LI based.


Further update to this…

Appears time is going by fast. The company has been sold… This must be the new owners strategy…

Also not great to record a phone call without notice or knowing if the other party is in a 2 party consent state!


Do whatever ya gotta do to resolve the complaint… but posting about potential law violations (harassment, recording the call) on a public forum is never a good idea


To be clear, our SAS member @MissMeliss is simply reposting a topic from the NSFE here to the NSFE Talkback category, where we, um, digest tasty NSFE topics.

They shared it here but are not OP, technically. :nerd_face:

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Picks by Nisha asked the OP if they had brand permission and the OP slammed that down – nothing to do with the topic!

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The OP is River of Human Health. Horrible feedback with complaint after complaint about delivery taking forever or non receipt. Most of which Amazon strikes through as “The fulfillment issues associated with this order were not due to the seller”

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Aka seller used buy shipping.


Quelle Web enchevêtrée Par Deux

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There was another post about them as well where they went ballistic because they got counterfeit claims filed against them but instead of trying to work things out with the manufacturer and backing off the listing they went to the forums to complain.

I also determined that they’re a drop shipper.

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Adding all these things up…

…I’m betting that their definition of “Authentic” is not the same as either Amazon’s or the brand.

So when they claim

I have the entire phone call recorded in which she repeats and affirms that any Authentic Test buy will have a counterfeit claim filed against it as per policy.

I suspect that if you or I were to hear this damning evidence, we might actually hear something different than OP. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

They are unlikely to have a legitimate supply chain with verifiable custody and conditions, an invoice (not just a receipt), or an LOA.

Probably brand owner said, it doesn’t matter if it’s “the same” if we have no record of your purchase directly from us or an authorized distributor.

And honestly, if these are ingestible vitamins/supplements, then the brand is right to do this.

I know I personally wouldn’t want B complex pills that’s sat in someone’s non-climate-controlled family garage in soggy boxes under the kids’ bikes for 4 months in the hottest summer on record just because there was a bulk deal at Cosco back in May.


“Man” first you had me go back to relearn Latin, now French!

Said the guy that took four years of German in High School. Ok, it was the same year four times in a row since I never passed.

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To be fair, I don’t want pills that have been sitting around an FBA warehouse either.

And the OP has responded to me thus:

"The only thing i need to do correct is lawfully purchased my items. What is wrong with sellers today? U believe brands run the show and have accepted it.

U cannot file knowingly false claims whether I am authorized or not. Has anyone here even looked up a law?"

And to Brigitte (another frequently helpful poster):

“You need a lot of schooling …it seems seller university is literally the only schooling u have done talking like that to 11 year seller who ships 3500 shipments per month FBM”


If past history is any indicator of future event for that particular OP, there will be more retorts to come.

That’s long been his modus operandi, and once a position has been staked out, I’ve yet to see him retreat - although it must be admitted that he did recently admit, publicly (in an NSFE discussion I’ve linked elsewhere on the SAS), to having been wrong on a matter of detail concerning Amazon’s published policy.

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Say it ain’t so! After all, we all were told, at least I was, the NSFE would be a “Safe Space” for sellers.

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Sounds like an RA seller that knows they are on thin ice

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