Any thoughts on a vendors/coupons/discounts category for sellers?

Was remembering the bru ha ha over posting the Uline free shipping codes on the OSFE and thought there may be value here.


I’m all for it! So long as no laws, regulations, contracts, user agreements, or terms of service, etc. are violated, breached, abused, or ignored.


Well that would be up to the user of said discounts to evaluate. It’s not the authors problem if some dumbass can’t read “not available in (enter their state/county/contracts here)”

No Uline Coupons!!! LOL

As much as my cohorts and I hate that company, we could use the free shipping on poly bags they have at the moment.

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Any thoughts on a vendors/coupons/discounts category for sellers?

Yes, please. :grin: We should definitely have this category.

There are several heavy things I buy from ULine, so please share whenever anyone gets a free shipping over $500 coupon.

I stumbled across a company called Global Industrial (.com) last year. My experience was mixed, but the end result was positive. They have a lighter weight version of a literature mailer box I normally order from ULine. The lighter weight in this case was a plus to save on postage, and the price was also significantly lower.

The negative was that, when shipped, the UPS tracking immediately showed an estimated delivery date, but by the next morning, it switched to - delivery info unavailable, check back later - and stayed that way all the way until the product was almost delivered.

I called the company to see if they had any info, as I suspected maybe they hadn’t shipped it after all, and the guy seemed to have no clue. It turned out they had it drop-shipped from the manufacturer (?) but the tracking number did end up being the correct one, and it arrived when the tracking first said it would, before the info disappeared a few hours after first being posted.

Of course, I was left wondering what was going on the whole time it was in transit (not my favorite thing, and something I never have to deal with at ULine), but in the end, I got boxes I was very happy with.

Also, if anyone has a direct connection with the manufacturers of bubble mailers (size 0 or 00) on the west coast, please hook me up. :grin:

Or 2-up shipping labels for less than $30 per 1000, shipped.


Give Ecoenclose a try (if you haven’t already) - You can select your box type (literature, one panel, etc.), exact size, and board type/strength/OBF. Prices are excellent, and go down the more you buy. I’ve used them for years for my shipping boxes.


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