Crab flavor potato chips - yey or nay?

Maybe this is another one of those things I’m just learning about, but…

What’s your take on this?

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All yours.

I’m good with my chocolate as dark as my soul, and my licorice as black as my reputation.


We have too many medical issues as it is to add on another one … :wink:

But the neighborhood has some younger folks who might be interested in making a trip to the doctor. :man_facepalming:


My guess is that is is flavored with seasonings commonly thrown in when cooking crab.

Could be wrong.

Crab is such a delicate meat / flavor that I cannot see it being used to season anything.

Or of course, it could be they just keep the water the crabs are cooked in and boil it down.


(that was sarcasm in case you have never boiled up a bunch of crabs and seen what the pot looks like after)


I’ll try them if you include a side of lobster and steamers… :grin:


For me no, not going to happen.

To be clear, my favorite restaurant in a past life while traveling was Joe’s Stone Crabs. However, due to health issues, I dropped meat and fish 30 years ago.

I know, the steak pictures will soon be posted, and I respect that. I have no problem harvesting animals, I just can’t eat them. Though I do raise, hunt, dress, and cook them for my family.

Now jalapeno chips, that is my thing.


Now jalapeno chips, that is my thing.

Mmmm, jalapeno, yum. Tim’s jalapeno chips, double yum.

Crab flavored chips? I think I’ll pass.

Some flavors just don’t sound appealing on potato chips. :laughing:


Japan has marketed some pretty unique flavors … none of which caught our interest.


Ick!!. I believe @bookwormapril is right about the crab boil flavoring(w/ wedges of lemon!)

Asked daughter and man-of the house who are crab fanciers their preference while we were eating shrimp(boiled/fried) this evening. He learned to cook from his grandmother and occasionally graces us w/ a southern meal. Yum!

Thumbs down-though might be good enough for folks who have always resided in land-locked states and don’t know better. …


Since I hate seafood my votes is no. I’ll stick with these


I’m guessing that it’s basically Old Bay and butter flavored, and like @bookwormapril said, based on seasonings used to flavor crab, rather than crab itself.

Now, I personally friggin’ :heart: crab and will eat it boiled with just butter, raw in sushi, and Old Bay’d to high heaven in a low country boil…so I would TRY these.

In the UK I’ve tried ketchup-, Worcestershire-, ginger-, and prawn-flavored chips (potato chips, not fries). Would eat Worcestershire again. Regret prawn all my days.


Sounds yummy; growing up in South Africa, we had Kreols; I think they’ve been discontinued, but I loved them, even though they were super stinky but so flavourful!

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Some other favorites, I am a big chip lover… (we say crisps, chips mean french fries in SA)

African Potato Chips and Crisps Varieties

Does not taste like ketchup 🡱 One of my top 3 favorites growing up.

Picked Onion 🡱

Simba Cheese & Onion Flavor Potato Chips, 125g — Aubergine Foods

Salt and Vinegar Chipsticks 🡱 - Yummy!!
They have the same texture as Andy Capps; when I came across Andy Capps at a gas station, I was so excited and thought I might be able to relive a childhood moment, but alas, they don’t come in Salt and Vinegar… :smiling_face_with_tear:


Even better then blue cookies!


Pass, I tried


Wasn’t my thing. I’ll stick to


If they are anything like these they are lovely:



My favorite crab chip is by a brand called utz.
Lately, my favorite chip is a new hot cool ranch Dorito. It changes about every month or so.


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Sorry, no crab in it but less salt than some.

I am undergoing some sort of age related change. Last week my salt and vinegar chips were too salty.

This may be a dubious milestone.



And I struggle to find these pretzel pieces consistently:


Blue Seal Feed was a customer of ours at one time, they had an office here in our hometown. They created a Lobster Dog Cookie, our Black lab mix, loved them. The local news paper picked this up and did a story on him.

He was our office dog, and they were also a customer of ours, so they stopped in from time to time.

They tried so hard, to get my partner to say, “He loves these lobster cookies, and always has a drink from the toilet when he finishes.” Did not happen, published as, “He loves these lobster cookies, and always has a drink from his blue water bowl when he finishes.”


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