Creating a Variation style listing

So I did one on Amazon, and they had the choices to do variations right away.

Is the only way to create a variation on Walmart by using the spreadsheet method?

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Is the only way to create a variation on Walmart by using the spreadsheet method?

No, you can do them manually. Bear in mind that I’m new to Walmart, but this is how I did it.

Create each individual listing first, giving each one the identical title (Item Name). The varying value should be one of the fields, in my case ‘color’ and should not be part of the title.

Once you have them in your inventory, select the desired options that you want to become children in your family. Selecting multiples will give you an ‘Actions’ drop-down box. Choose ‘Group Variants’.

That will give you a screen like this -

Make your selections.

Click a star under ‘Actions’ to specify your parent.


gotcha…will work on that tomorrow.

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Thank you, that seemed to work.

Now to wait to see how it looks after the feed is processed.


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And I like it.

I see that I still need to fill out all the fields for each variation – and that’s ok. The description changes as the customer clicks on the size…


So … look at this:

I picked a slow seller in case this really screwed up.

The title and picture changes as you click on the different sizes.

In the variation thing, I picked size and then I put in like 24 x 24 inches. Walmart kept just the 24 – not the whole thing. OK, fine.

The title will change and have the length x width dimensions.

It was easy to create at Walmart – I just had to search my inventory for a particular style, choose all and do the variant box.

NOW to figure out how to add a variant down the road when I add another standard size? but that’s for another day.

And I just noticed the family tree –
Screenshot 2023-04-30 101932

darn it!

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What may have happened is that the values for ‘size’ are being overriden by the entries for ‘Assembled Product Length’. If you look right above where your variations are, you see that Walmart is varying the listing based on the value of ‘Assembled Product Length’.

The size field includes this note -

So maybe it’s considering assembled product length to be one of those more specific attributes that causes the entries for size to be ignored?

To get the desired effect you want, you could try a couple things.

The easiest might be to change your listing to ‘vary’ on two options - assembled product length and assembled product width, since you already have values entered in each of those fields (I’m guessing) on the individual items. Walmart allows a listing to vary on up to three attributes, so this might be a good solution.

Or, you could try removing the values from the assembled length/width attribute fields to confirm if they are causing the overriding of your size entries.

Doing a quick check, it appears that the size field accepts alphanumeric text, but sometimes computers don’t deal well with multi-word values, so if the above solutions don’t work, you could try either removing the spaces (24x24 instead) or hyphenating the values (24-by-24) in your size field.

Hmmm…time to go look for that.

I went back and did some experimenting with Walmart last night, and found it’s even easier to create your variation groups that I thought.

I also found out that it’s harder to change or delete them, which must apparently be done by file upload. It was too much to want to learn in the wee hours last night, but here’s the good news on creating them.

You can enter the exact values you want in the boxes on this page:

So you actually have total control over the way your variants are named. I had no idea they let you do this, it was just by random chance that I tried typing in the box - but what I entered there appeared as the variant names (the choices the buyer clicks on to pick which one to buy) in the listing.

Very cool!

I just deleted one, easy peasy.

SOMEWHERE I read that you – not Walmart – have to keep track of the name of the variation group.

I was able to delete one that was assigned against several listings.

Now – when I get time again to play…I think I will use a different field in my choices called 'size" and see how that looks on the other side.

See they have a field that asks length, unit, then width, and unit.

I can’t use those separately side by side because I can’t let Walmart give the choices of different lengths THEN widths. They need to be connected…into one size. So I think the size field might work for me. In the “help” field, it say size like medium, small, large, or clothes sizes like 12, 14, or 16…so in my case I put “34” x 15" in that box. I think when I did the spreadsheet it didn’t like that answer, so I left it blank. Still playing until I get it down.

So I’m working on this as I’m bored…

And I’m using SIZE – and if I didn’t put anything in listing in that box, it makes me do it as I create the variation based on size AND it shows up like I want it to.

I just deleted one, easy peasy.

If you did it manually, please share how. My brief read through the instructions said it could only be done via file upload, and I haven’t had time to want to mess around with learning that yet.

I did it with the file upload.

First try, only did one item.

When that worked, I did them all.

It wasn’t bad.

I only had to fill out a few of the columns. I’m not able to put my fingers on the file I uploaded to give you an idea, BUT it was like the first three columns (in my cateogry) of SKU, UPC and the UPC number…then skip down to the variant section and do those four or five. Some of the columns are what they call CLOSED – which means you have to pick from the drop down menu of YES or NO