Credit card invalid + New Mexico account

What the heck? My account suddenly said my credit card (BofA Mastercard) is invalid. I had to switch it to a personal card I had on file. Will I now need to switch to a new credit card for the business or is this just a temporary glitch?

Plus, I’ve never had a Mexico account (found out when I clicked on the invalid credit card button). Now, I do. How the heck do I manage that? There is a page for merging accounts. Should I do that? Will that merge my handmade account? Is my Mexico account a handmade account? How do I know what is being listed in Mexico?

ETA: I think my accounts are merged, as there is only one global account listed with and listed under that account. I’ve never had before that I knew of.

More info: It’s a credit card, not a debit card.

Most of us have what is called the North American group which included (US) (Canada) (Mexico) (Brazil)

We have only ever used but a couple of weeks ago we got a warning notice that our deposit transfers were going to be held until we updated the deposit method in the Canada and Mexico marketplaces. We had never entered anything into either of those two marketplaces. To avoid disruption of our deposit transfers, we went ahead and entered our deposit method for those two marketplaces and the warning went away.

Here is the thread we did on the subject

Note that this was not a credit card issue as you state but a bank deposit method issue. There have been many posts on issues with credit card updates needed that have revolved around the credit card being a Master Card.


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No idea.

We used to sell in Canada FBM (FBus) then with COVID and the inability for Canada Post to deliver we shut down.

We did opt into the FBA cross border program. Mixed reviews on that. One return was a refund of $56 on a $25 product.

We did get hit with a invalid credit card warning and request (demand) for both CA and MX about three weeks ago. We just added our CC, the same one we use for the US to those markets.

Amazon must have changed something in the system that caused and required this. The CA and MX fees were always pulled from our US card on file.

We sell so little in CA, and even when we did I can not remember selling a handmade item. We joined handmade after we were selling on Amazon for years, when it was launched. So we pay the fee, where others may not.

Not sure what that does to this issue.

ETA, we sell nothing in MX even on our own websites. Though we do “open them up” for old established customers. To much fraud in MX on sales in the past.

I had opted out. I then sort of changed my mind, but then it wouldn’t let me opt in because I didn’t have those markets on my account. I thought that was the end of that. Now, I have Mexico. Because it appears to be causing my account problems (and because I was already over it WRT opting in), I don’t really care to have it now.

So I called the credit card company and they said there are no holds on the card, that the problem is on Amazon’s end. They did a $1 test charge from last night, which was when the invalid card message popped up. That charge went through and was reversed. Everything was okay, so why did they deem the card invalid? I don’t want my personal card on my business account, so I’m going to try and change it back again today.

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I use a bank of america debit mastercard and have no isses

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I’d say there’s a 99% chance it was for Verification concerns, (your card did not match the actual name on the account?) based on all the suspensions for related accounts lately that are to the sellers own account (verified by myself on several accounts) where the same name is given as the related (or when it’s a name with a space and they give the “+” in the name, i.e. Oneida Books related to Oneida+Books).

I’d say it’s OK to switch back after a few days and the verification of the additional account goes through.

Not sure why, maybe just for Q4, but Amazon has run another round of verification’s in Global Markets that have eventually reflected back on the base account causing a Related Suspension when those Marketplaces have not been completed.

This issue has spread across all Global Regions based on forum posts I’ve read.

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Now that you say that, I do recall, it was about 4 weeks ago, when the CC company told us our card was compromised. We never use it, has a huge limit and is in a drawer here.

As I indicated upthread, the demand came in 3 weeks ago from MX and CA. We missed a distribution, with our US account. But did update that one. We did not update the MX and CA ones.

No name changes, but another reason the OP could have an issue.

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I tried to add banking info to the mx account but ran into a wall when it asked for the CLABE number. It says contact the bank, but two departments at the bank had no idea what it was. They had to research only to tell me they do not have any such number. I gave up. What to do when they eventually ask for that? I’m not really sure I want to add a bank account anyway, since I’m afraid their bot will make me go through another round of verification.

I removed the credit card from the buyer’s side and then added it back. I then went and switched both marketplaces back to that card and it’s working now. I guess that’s a possible fix for anyone else having this problem.

On the positive side, this prompted me to go out and get a backup credit card for my business. I should always have two anyway.


I guess the lesson here is don’t be clicking anything in those promotional emails Amazon loves to send.

Clicking a link could get something started that can blow up in your face 3 years down the line.


Just for clarity sake …

“I removed the credit card from the buyer’s side” …(which was in the business name?) … “and then added it back.”

“I then went and switched both marketplaces back to that card and it’s working now.”

So did you at any time put in your personal and which card was the $1 put through on?

If you put in a personal, it was charged and verified, I would expect you could switch back to a business card.


I have personal and business cards entered in the buyer’s side. It seems that Amazon enters them automatically there, because when I started selling professionally, I suddenly saw my business card on the buyer’s side. So, they have all been available on the buyer’s side.

I don’t use the business card for purchases on regular (personal account) Amazon. I buy business supplies on Amazon Business, which only has my business card on file. Amazon Business is not linked to Seller Central.

Last night, I switched to my personal card on Seller Central, just so I can unlock it and do business. I tried switching back a few times but it did not work. The only thing that worked was deleting the business card from the buyer’s side and putting it back in on the buyer’s side. After that, I was able to switch back to my business card in Seller Central.


What I though, but wanted to be sure.


Woohoo! Glad it worked and thanks for updating!