[CSA] Amazon Prime members save over $1B during Prime Big Deal Days

Amazon Prime members save over $1B during Prime Big Deal Days

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LITERALLY the money quote right there, methinks.

Fasten your seat belts & batten down the hatches, people.

We be in for a bumpy ride.

I wonder how much of that $1B is based off of false list prices

Also another thing that jukes the stats.

Let’s say you have Brand A and B that are relatively similar.

Brand A retails for $100, Brand B retails for $50.

Brand A has monthly sales (including on days like prime day) that are 60% off. As a result, almost all sales for that brand occur only during these sales events. There are companies that do actually employ this type of strategy.

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Well, if so, then I doubt that those companies only started doing that in October 2023, so I suspect these data are as affected by that factor as any previous Amazon sales event data in the last decade have been.

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Let’s look at it this way…

Our buyers saved a legit $8,000 off of real everyday prices during the 2 day sale.

Let’s say every seller ran deals like we did.

$8,000 X 2,0000,000 sellers = $16B in savings.

We all know that the vast majority of sellers don’t sell anything.

We also know that a lot of items on Amazon sell for more than $14 on avg (our avg price).

I buy $1B as legit based on where I sit.


WOW. And your products aren’t even “gifts”! You didn’t even need to offer any deals. Nice! :clap:

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Yea we did, because everyone we compete against does…


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