Customer Returns for Product Quality/Defects Email

Be on the lookout for Amazon emails requesting plans of action for “product quality issues”.

"Dear Amazon Seller,

We are contacting you from the Amazon Defect Reduction Module team. Our team works to help reduce customer returns based on product quality issues.

We have compiled a list of your ASINs that are most frequently being returned for product quality reasons, along with potential causes based on customer feedback, and possible resolution steps you might take for each ASIN. While not guaranteed to fix the quality issues, we believe the proposed steps can help you address them. The list is attached to this email.

Actions you should take:
To help reduce the number of your products being returned for quality reasons, please review the list and work to address the potential causes we’ve highlighted. Please also update the attached list indicating whether you plan to take actions to address the potential causes, by filling in the “Actions Planned” column for each ASIN and possible cause. Plan to act is sufficient. Once updated, please send the completed list back to us by replying to this email. By taking actions to address product quality issues, you will help improve the customer experience related to buying your products.

Your feedback on the report is critical to improve the customer experience and will help us continually improve the quality of data provided by this service. It would be helpful if you could take our 2-minute survey about the program.

We appreciate your continued commitment to improving the experience for customers buying your products. We look forward to building a long-term relationship with you!

Best regards,
RBS Defect Resolution Module Team
[email protected]

I got this. I ignored it.


We replied stating customers are not qualified to determine if an item is defective simply by selecting a box incentivized by free returns. (paraphrazing).

We pointed out our internal returns evaluation puts all returns defect rate below 0.1% (for the item they listed)

We also responded with the fact that FBA privacy issues prevent sellers from evaluating returns with defective claims, as returns are not searchable for LPN#'s.

“No seller actions are possible with the information provided”…

F-em if they want to take the customers word on everything.


Dear Amazon,

We are contacting you from the Societal Damage Action Module. Our team wants to work with you to reduce the damage you are doing to society by enabling consumers bad behaviors and destroying the sense of accountability and integrity in the marketplace.

Please provide a plan of action as to how you intend to restore faith in humanity while you allow customers to be greedy at the expense of honest business.

We won’t expect a reply as you are a Sociopathic Greed Machine who DGAF about America, buyers, sellers, employees, or anything other than money.





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I assumed this was some kind of scam until I saw the return email address.

I don’t have a problem with Amazon’s return/refund policy, but the actions they take due to what a customer complains about are ridiculous. You can sell 1000 units of a product, and if a single customer complains with the right keywords their bots go into overdrive. I’m talking about things with < 1% NCX. There really should be some hard % for NCX where their bots just lay the hell off if you’re under.

If 99% of customers are happy with the product, I don’t care what the other 1% says, there isn’t a product quality problem. A big one I see is people claiming something’s inauthentic when FBA treated the product like crap so it looks like crap when the customer receives it.


Spot on. We had our best seller go into “Investigation” 6 weeks ago.

NCX rate .23% - point two three percent…

“Due to an influx of customer comments”

An influx? LOL

In the Amazon world an Influx = 1

ETA - went to check VOC out of curiosity and it’s all jacked up / glitching. Nice work there Amazon…

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For all you know that was from another seller attacking you with a carefully crafted complaint(s).

No kidding…

“Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”