Customer Service Representatives at Amazon that Have No Clue

Nothing new, just not in the mood for this tonight. Email from Amazon CSR, translating a customer’s wish.

Why don’t they know the Amazon policy. Now if the customer had contacted us, we likely would have replaced the item. This is a item we manufacture centered around the birth of a child. The last thing the customer needs is to deal with corporate hygiene.

What we Got

Dear Amazon Seller,
This is Amazon’s Customer Service team. A customer reached out to us with some questions about a purchase they made from you. Here’s a description of the issue:
Product: B09XXXXXX
Order number: 111-0000000-9999999
Return requested: No
Reason for contact: Package is showing as undeliverable . So please reach out to the customer with the resolution , i.e, replacement or refund , as soon as possible . Thank you .
Please respond to this request within 48 hours.
Amazon Customer Service

I responded in one hour, the CSR does not know that we need to respond in 24 hours? They do not know that we bought, shipping through Amazon, shipped on time and the USPS shipped it on time?

What I sent the customer

Good Afternoon,

Thank you for reaching out to our family company, I appreciate that very much.

It appears the Amazon Customer Service rep is asking about your package. It was shipped to the address entered.

Asdf first name Qwerty last name
000 NW 11TH ST BLDG 999
APT # 000
qwertyasdf CITY, XX 12345-6789

It shipped on March 19th and departed our post office at 6:11pm
They are indicating “Addressee Unknown”

I would recommend that you file an A-Z claim with Amazon for a full refund. You are required to contact us, and you have done that through an Amazon Customer Service Representative. The required delivery date is Friday April 5th, Since this is Amazon policy, I am sure they will issue the refund at your request at that time.

If you would like to reorder, we will be sure to expedite shipment.

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This can be NEW-CATEGORY. sooo much of this stupidity from CS


We had a similar message recently from a customer service rep, and we noticed it said the respond within 48 hours, and thought that was odd. Turned out, the customer had purchased 3 copies of the same book – from 3 different sellers – and the incompetent rep sent the message to the wrong seller, i.e. me.