Customer withdraws Amazon funded A-Z claim and expects me to refund them.

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Customer claims INR on item when Amazon buy shipping was used. I ask customer to file an A-Z claim, which they do. The A-Z claim is granted and “Amazon funded.” Customer messages me multiple times saying that they haven’t received their refund. I tell them to contact Amazon about their refund and there is nothing more that we can do. (I even contacted Amazon customer service about this). Customer withdraws A-Z claim and asks me to issue a refund. Here is the last message I received from the customer:

“The representative I spoke with today says that there is no refund being processed and if I cancel it on their end that was granted to be processed will you be able to give me my refund”

This is a new one for me. Just another example that Amazon has no clue what they are doing.


I could be mistaken, it has been awhile since I had an A-Z, but my recollection was that an A-Z claim a customer ‘wins’ AKA granted the original charge method is credited nearly instantly. I believe that you should instruct the customer to file a charge dispute with their card issuer. I would suspect the issue is that the customer is either confused or fishing for you to issue a check (double dipping). Either way, let the merchant service provider (Amazon) and the customers card issuer settle this.


Maybe, but some of the messages from the customer were routed through Amazon customer service.

I agree and this is what I’ve done, except the customer keeps messaging me (about 10 messages so far)

When I called seller services about this, they told me that Amazon customer service didn’t know what they were doing.

I never knew that I customer could withdraw an A-Z claim that was already Amazon funded.



Customer messaged me “So you don’t give out refunds.”

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My reply would be,

"We are a Third-party Seller on Amazon Marketplace. Amazon Services, LLC ( is our sole merchant services provider. Third-party Sellers have no ability or control over this issue beyond conceding the A-Z claim and authorizing the refund. Which we have done. We have no further ability to assist you in this matter. Please reach out to Amazon Customer Service ((888) 280-3321) and/or your card issuer (the number is on the back of your card) for resolution.

We may not respond to further messages regarding this issue.

Thank you for choosing {Insert Name Here} and Amazon. We look forward to serving you in the future."

After that, all messages would be…



Exactly what they said…LOL

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I would go to your A-z page, take a screenshot of the refund, and include it in your message to them.

I would also tell them to check under their ➙ order history and click the “View order details” to see/confirm the refunded amount.

Depending on how Amazon refunded the payment, it would show (check) under ➙ gift card or be credited back to their original payment. If the amount is returned to their original payment method, it could take 3-5 business days to show up.


I can’t do that now because it says “Closed” and “claim withdrawn.” I never took a screen shot when it said “Granted” and “Amazon funded.”


You should’ve received an email from Amazon when they refunded the amount and you could take a screenshot of that.


The original email on 1/31 shows:

“We have denied an A-to-z Guarantee claim of $19.16 on order 113-1605520-7486622. No further action is required from you at this time and we have not counted the claim against your Order Defect Rate.”

The email today, 2/20, shows:

“We have closed an A-to-z Guarantee claim of $19.16 on order 113-1605520-7486622 because the customer withdrew the claim. No further action is required from you at this time, but if the customer reopens the claim, we will continue our investigation and may reach out to you. If this claim remains closed, we will not count the claim against your Order Defect Rate.”

How is that possible when the claim in seller central originally showed “Granted” and “Amazon Funded”?


This is what shows under ours.

On yours, it doesn’t appear that Amazon covered the cost; they just denied the claim.

Maybe the “Amz refunded” (granted) didn’t go through because the customer withdrew the A-z?


This is what I would do. Mark their messages No Response Needed.


That’s not what it showed on seller central. It showed "Granted and “Amazon funded” on 1/31. Either seller central was wrong or the email was wrong. Maybe they used the wrong email template. They never gave a reason why the claim was denied.

The claim wasn’t withdrawn until today. Amazon had 3 weeks to send the refund.


I suspect that the emails are accurate: Amazon denied the claim for whatever reason, so the Buyer withdrew the claim and hit you up instead.

I further suspect that the claim was denied due to too many INRs from this Buyer.

Do not refund. Suggest that they reopen the A-to-z claim due to INR.

Try this @TheOrangeCrush:

“Amazon Buy Shipping policies require that “item not received” claims are resolved through Amazon’s A-to-z Guarantee Claim process. Any refunds in these situations are issued directly by Amazon, so unfortunately you were misinformed, and I have no option to refund. You can consider reopening your A-to-z claim directly with Amazon.”


That is so strange, especially since the claim was only withdrawn today. It is likely that Amz support agent messed up; we all know how incompetent they can be.

There is nowhere else I know of that you can look at, or confirm on your end that Amz actually refunded them.

I would tell them to…🠋

…and if they have any further questions or the refund is not showing under their “View order details” contact Amazon customer service directly 1-888-280-4331 as you cannot access their payment info/history and then mark all future messages as “No Response Needed.”

I don’t think there is anything else you can do at this point. If, for some reason, the refund didn’t actually go through, they may end up reopening the A-z or, if they call Amz maybe the Rep will just refund them as Amz funded, but who knows.


Here we sit, all knowing that you did not screw up and wondering whether the customer screwed up by withdrawing an A-Z, was a crook who wants to double dip, or an underpaid, undertrained AZ employee scooched the pooch.

Assuming you do not refund, what might you face - a negative FB or a credit card chargeback dispute.

Can you live with either of those? - most sellers can.

I join the mark the message as no response required brigade.


There is no possible way that I refund this person.

Negative FB should be struck through since this an INR and Amazon Buy Shipping was used. Amazon has always covered my chargebacks, but I don’t get many of those.


Papy, I think you may be right; something seems off with this buyer/refund.

@TheOrangeCrush, an interesting and unusual claim; please keep us posted.


We do the same. I have a template saved for employees,

Payment/Refund template

Hello [BUYER_NAME]. The payment/refund for order [ORDER_ID] was processed by Amazon themselves. For questions about payments/refunds please contact Amazon directly as they do not share that information with us.

Here is a note from Amazon Customer Service about payments and refunds:
If a customer contacts you in relation to a payment or refund it is always necessary to direct the customer to our Customer Service. Since the payment/refund is processed by Amazon, we will assist the buyer with this type of issue.

— U.S. and Canada: 1-888-280-4331
— International: 1-206-922-0880

They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Customers can contact Customer Service through the Contact Us link found on any Help page:


This customer has contacted Amazon customer service multiple times since the claim showed “Granted” and “Amazon funded”, all they do is bounce the messages to me.

We’ve been contacted by a customer regarding the order identified below.

Order#: 113-1605520-7486622
Reason: Where’s My Stuff ?
Details: The item has not arrived though tracking showed delivered, the claim have not been approved, please issue a refund for this customer to settle the matter. please send a status update to the customer.