Default handling time keeps reverting

I know Amazon did an amazon thing again and changed the system. I know about setting your Global shipping settings to what you want:

and I know about setting the individual SKU handling time:

And yet, see how it shows 0 days? I’ve REset that twice already back to my normal 2 day handling time. Then I get more orders wanting me to ship the same day again and again. I check the SKU, and handling time is 0.

Is there another setting that I am missing?


Do you offer premium shipping? That overrides handling time.


Where do I find that? On my shipping settings there is Free Economy, Standard, and I do have Expedited, but all the orders I get are for Free Economy.


Do you possibly use a third-party inventory management software?


I’ve heard sellers put 1 in the “Order Capacity” fields (Just in case).
Once the system reaches the order capacity it’s supposed to add another day automatically.


Doesn’t SKU-level override the default? Hmm.


I’ve been doing that for months now. I change the capacity depending on my plans for the day/week.

We went out of town for two days a week or so ago. By the time we got back I had orders showing that I didn’t have to ship until the first week of March!

It works well and the worst that would happen would be one or two “late” shipments which would have no effect on my stats.

Back a couple months ago I had posted the results of one trip on here as well.


Set the handle time of the SKU to 2 and try Default Handle Time at 1.
Item level Handle Time overrides Default Handle Time.
Do your item ones first and then reset the Default to 1.

We run this and have not had an issue to date.


Most doing this are doing it to avoid going on vacation.


While it does avoid putting the store in vacation mode, I use it as a ‘throttle’ so that I don’t get slammed with 40 or 50 orders on a Monday that HAVE to go out. It does happen, just not so much currently.

That way I can work through as many orders as I can/want to and the others can wait until Tuesday (or Wednesday) depending on what number I put in.

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Was this sku switched back and forth from FBA to FBM?

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