Delayed response to Beta Bug Report. LOL

Ok sorry this isn’t exactly following the NSFE Talkback format but it seemed the most appropriate place to put this.

As many may know I wound up as part of the NSFE Beta (I didn’t actually realize what they were going to do to me, nor that I was not going to be able to go back or get out of it.) But anyway.

I did my best for a while to try to help them fix things and I had on November 10th written to their beta testing e-mail a list with 3 bug reports, 6 feature requests and a general feedback for them.

It is now April 1st of the following year and I just got this e-mail back from them.

Thank you for your message and sharing this forums feedback with us. Apologies for our delay in getting back to you.

We wanted you to know that we have documented each of the feature suggestions below to review with our product team.

Please let us know if you are still experiencing any of the bugs mentioned below or if these have resolved.

Thank you for selling on Amazon,

Amazon Seller Forums Team


No worries, I agree.

And what a middle-finger from Amazon to you, for all of your help. :unamused:


When an Amazon initiative fails, a common response is to ignore the entire effort.

This may be a harbinger of future inactivity.


Almost 5 months later, shocking!

Sure they have… :lying_face:

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