Desperately need to boost NSFE interaction...

@Sundance and I didn’t get mod “thank you” for our posts


Wow, 2 off site spam I mean referral links in one post???

“We will notify he potential prize winners via their forum account” Now exactly how are you going to do that without PM’s???

I smell this give away has NOT been vetted via legal, as there is not the standard disclaimer of “no purchase necessary.”


Honesty doesn’t pay.


On the NSFE OP there’s a whole list of rules, including link to legal.

The two top tips :laughing:

  1. Vacation mode
  2. Your own site


Tip: Move to China, open a special privileges Chinese Amazon Seller account, attack all your competitors and hijack all their listings and take all their sales.

Feel free to steal this to post on NSFE, post at your own risk.

You know how they post their mod posts and either nobody replies, or those that do give them a piece of their mind? Well, latest post promises a lucky winner a hundred bucks and everyone sold their souls :frowning:

Yes, the mockery has already begun :smiley:


All for a $100 gc :man_facepalming:t3:

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I hope what the Forum Team takes from this is how many Sellers are actively choosing not to participate, unless (maybe) paid.

Only (maybe) $100 makes it worthwhile…and even then, plenty are not taking it seriously.


Merged topics by @joebcrafts and @Nutty_Nuisance

I want to reply…

“Keep the 100$ and hire a competent seller support person for 3 hours to fix my problems”


The premise of the post is wrong. Anyone looking for a tip for holiday sales on November 13, 2023 has already missed the holiday sales boat.


Being that this was the 103 reply…didn’t think anyone was gonna read it :slight_smile:

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:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I sorted by “newest”

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A little less than half of the replies is CR_Amazon replying thanks for the tip.

Even with a $1000 bribe, (10) $100 gift cards, the thread has to be propped up with mod replies.

I must admit, I didn’t read any of them…

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Oooh - i’m up to 17 right now - I can feel the $100 already :rofl: :joy:

Is this based on upvotes?

If so, expect the chinese to swoop in and win all $1000 right at the end.

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“Random”… which guarantees those of us that are being snide don’t have a chance.

Probably have to have CR_Amazon reply for it to be an “official” entry. :roll_eyes:

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So, basically whoever the first 10 to offer a $50 kickback win it.

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