Do I need to worry about my FBA return address getting linked to another account?

If I change my FBA return address to a warehouse that has been connected with other Amazon accounts in the past, do I need to worry that this alone will cause my account to be linked to another account? This would be the only place that address or information would appear in my account.

My instinct is that this is fine, but I’m wrong often enough to necessitate running it by some smart people.


This might be a good question for @oneida_books.

My instinct is that it perhaps depends on how and how much the other accounts were linked to that same address???


I really have no way to know that.

My FBA sales have grown to the point that my returns now sometimes arrive on a pallet instead of a dozen loose boxes, and my normal return address can’t take pallets, which causes delivery problems. I found a warehouse that will take the returns, and I know they have had at least 1 other Amazon business use them, and I suspect others besides.

Since I am just using this address to receive FBA returns, even if another business used the address in a more comprehensive manner, I don’t think those other businesses would get tied to mine, but again, I’d rather get some confirmation before I try it.


I’ve seen “ship from” addresses cause a linking multiple times, which was resolved somewhat easily, but to date I’ve not seen any “FBA Return Addresses” cause it. Of course, as always, that’s no guarantee.

I do strongly recommend a signed/dated contract/agreement between the 2.


Just to serve as evidence that the two entities are separate?


Basically. I’ve seen Amazon request this as proof multiple times.


Interesting. I will do this.