Does Amazon care about sellers reusing old listings for new products (repurposing)?


I have a few competitors who repurpose their old listings (that sell different items but the same category) for the new products. It’s pretty obvious because all the review wordings and photos are completely different from the current listing photos. I guess they repurpose the listings because of good 4.5 review rating with 500+ reviews (the new product just started selling a month ago).

Would Amazon care if I report these Chinese sellers’ listings for repurposing the listings? Or that would be just a waste of time (Amazon doesn’t care). Please advise.

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My experience reporting on them when I use the term ‘certain offshore sellers’ is that I get reprimanded for singling out a group of people unfairly.

Those are the ‘chosen ones’ that Bezos wanted to court so it’s somewhat similar to challenging the King and ending up in a dungeon awaiting beheading.

It is very much against policy and just plain wrong.

Amazon does not care. Reporting will do not good whatever.

Amazon only cares when there is some form of government scrutiny or media attention.

Then they select a few thousand sellers / products at random and shove them all under the bus and declare that their hands are clean (some slight distortion there for effect).


Thanks for sharing your experience. What if we report the “listing” instead of the seller? I’m sure that the repurposing practice is against TOS.

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:frowning: but thanks for your reply

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If the listing has a UPC check it against GS1. If it doesn’t match the listing have a random stranger report it as counterfeit :wink:

Enforcement of Amazon policy is not driven by sellers reporting sellers.

Yes. the practice is improper. Enforcement will come by bot. or buyer complaints after a purchase, if it ever happens.

Gaming a product’s reviews is not as meaningful as in the past thanks to publicity which sheds doubts on the honesty of reviews.

hence the need for a totally unrelated

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