Does Amazon Search Factor Product Description When A+ Exists?

Always wondered this, and trying to optimize my pages. When you have A+ you lose your description.

When Amazon search does algo on your description, does it factor A+ only and leave off description, or a little of both?

When you add A+, description field keeps ranking! So put as many keywords as you can there. Even if you can’t see the description anymore.


Thanks @svil!

So BR PDPs continue to rank on description, even though description isn’t visible on the PDP.

Do violation bots run on the hidden descriptions? :thinking:

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I would think so. Keywords and PPC terms are not visible to the consumer and the bots run on them.

How do you know this to be the case out of curiosity? It makes sense but was wondering if it’s 100% factually correct.


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I know the bots have definitely been upset by my description box (even when not showing), so would like to think search algo would have some play, or whats the point of risking a violation and keep that box empty.



Confirmed by our ppc account manager from Amazon in 2022. She recommended us to upload as many A+ as we could and told us to keep in mind that description field in the listing would keep ranking for the keywords that we put on it.

And that’s what we did.

Of course I don’t have any way to measure the impact of having keywords in description, but it doesn’t hurt haha


Well…unless it does hurt :sweat_smile:

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Well, if it hurts, remove it of course. I don’t have any way to measure it from my side because sales have been very similar compared with previous seasons… so I don’t know if this is having an impact or not.

But the thing is that description field ranks for A9 bot.

@casbboy in which sense is the bot upset with your description box?

Thank you all guys, let’s see if we can figure out what’s going on.