Does each employee login have their own NSFE profile

  • Does only the main Seller Central login onboard to the NSFE?

  • Does each employee in a company now have their own NSFE profile since everyone has their own email login?

Our main Seller Central Login has not yet onboarded to the NFSE.
My seller central login was not asked to onboard and just created a new profile.

My profile on the NSFE did not link to our OSFE profile. Yay!

My NFSE login shows my new profile name and our actual company name.
but no stats

my stats

This is how our main seller central email login appears on the NSFE.

Old-Timer on OSFE

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Imma tag @oneida_books because I’m not certain.


I have also had this same qeustion.

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Buyer Account with U.P. Access

  • No access to forums when the above is not enabled (set to View & Edit) in U.P
  • No access to forums when the above is enabled (set to View & Edit) in U.P.
    "You do not have access to the requested global page."

    So yeah, no difference right now even though there should be.

Seller Account U.P. Access

  • Has it’s own NSFE posting account
  • Even when logged into another account it still posts on it’s own
    (i.e. when I’m logged into one I have U.P. to access and go to the forums, it will post under my own name)

So …

  • The forums work based on the email you log in with
  • That email is only assigned to 1 User Profile

… at least currently. Then again, this is Amazon.


Thanks. That would have been a nice feature in the OSFE.

I believe the Posts(Beta) is for the Advertising Console for Brands.

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