Does your *variation* SKU print on the packing list?

I’m (hopefully) going to start listing on Walmart soon, and I wonder if the seller-assigned SKU prints on the packing list if the item is part (child) of a variation?

I found that it does not on eBay, and I have to include it as part of the child name if I want to use the packing list to pick.

Can someone please tell me how Walmart does this?

Ours feeds into ShipStation, and it does print the SKU out for Walmart. The image does not get transferred and displayed. Not all that important to us.

Ours feeds into ShipStation

Hmm… I buy shipping through Amazon for their orders and with PirateShip for eBay, but always print the packing slip directly from the site. I expect to print the packing slip from Walmart in whatever form they provide it as well.

Do you list with variations on Walmart? If so, and if you have an unshipped order handy that’s part of a variation, would you be willing to view the packing slip, as if you intended to print it, and tell me if the SKU is there?

I’m trying to decide if I need to include my SKU in each variation’s name - as is needed for eBay - or if just setting the SKU will print it out.

We do variations, I would be happy to do the testing, but just left work to deal with family issues. Could be the beginning of next week.

I wish I had an open order but I don’t, we do not get them very often.

This since the first month we started, someone left us a 1 star on us the business, and a 1 star on a product we sell on Amazon that has over 300 product reviews and a 4.7 rating.

Since that day sales have sucked. I wish we never got any feedback.

Our product fits families very well too. I expected it to do well on Walmart. I am watching with interest the conversations here about advertising.

@doilyboutique444 helped me get into Walmart a few years ago, she may have the info. @ASV_Vites has been bosting (as they should) about great sales on Walmart since launching, possibly they too could help.

Yes, I do Walmart, but I don’t do variations.

I do variations on Etsy and this is how that looks:

Screenshot 2023-03-11 155409

and on Ebay they look like this:

I just uploaded two more patterns on Amazon and Walmart, but they’re fall and Christmas, so I doubt I’ll have a sale soon even if I changed those to Parents with Variations to see what they look like in ShipStation.

One thing I can say with Walmart and Shipstation…Say Customer A buys from Amazon, Etsy AND Walmart. ShipStation will not recognize that it’s the same person. If a Customer A places two orders on Etsy, then YES the system will say it’s the same person in ShipStation.

Yes, I’ve had that happen because I have 3 available on Amazon, 2 on eBay, 4 on Etsy, and a few on Walmart – and they surfed across ALL platforms and bought them all – thank goodness it was a marketplace item and NOT handcrafted. I then pick my poison – Amazon in this case, buy shipping at Amazon, and CONFIRM shipping with everyone else.

ALSO Walmart has gone stupid. If I print a label and forget to put in the correct weight, say 8 ounces vs. 1 ounce ahead of time…I cancel the label in ShipStation, and buy shipping again. I can NOT go into Walmart and update the tracking. They say you can within 4 hours…but nope that didn’t work. Opened a case, they made note, and I took a hit. I was within 4 hours – heck within 10 minutes – and it got all locked up.

Oh…and I can save weights in ShipStation when I forget to put in a shipping weight in the Walmart SKU. But I can’t search in ShipStation by last name for a customer’s walmart order. they don’t get masked or anything, it just doesn’t seem to work.

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@Roxy sorry for the delay, I was MIA as the weekend was family, then we got hit with 12 inches of wet snow and wind. We had to focus on our business and shipping. That and our manufacturing was constricted as we lost one of the phases in our three phase power system.

This left us with no 220 volt power, and a loss of half of our 110 power.

Our 2 day, three day, five day setup for AZ shipping saved us. The power was repaired last night and we were able to make items today.

Back to your question.

An order this morning on Walmart, one of a 4 variation product.

Walmart presents;
QTY Item Number Description
1 138993170 Our product name

Useless, unless you go back and check the SKU that is attached to the Item Number.

As I indicated we use ShipStation for the packing slip.

ShipStation Presents:
Our Product Name
Price $14.95
Qty 1
Total $14.95

Hope this is helpful.

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As a side note @Roxy if you print the packing slip before marking it shipped, it will be more like a bare bones picking slip. Once you upload the shipping info, it’ll look more like a packing slip.

What I don’t like is how variant groups are programmed for Walmart. Instead of a parent, one of your items is deemed the main variant. So no parent item title. For me with footwear I have to take the size of the shoe out of the title for the main variant so people don’t think we only offer that size.

I did not see that. The info I posted was from a shipped order. I opened the packing slip and copied the pertinent text. No SKU, though for us that is fine, we use ShipStation to manage everything including the funnel to our accounting system.

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