Don't let me go off on a rant...

From Amazon:

Shipment FBAxxx has been investigated for “Inaccurate Item Quantity in Box” issues. During your shipment creation, units were assigned to specific boxes in order to help the receive process go smoothly. During our investigation, we found that 49 units of B0xyx were not in the boxes they were assigned to be placed in. As such, these issues will be upheld on your shipment.

Thank you for selling with Amazon,

Mustafa G. Merchant Inbound Coaching (MIC) Team

My Reply

I will again present the inventory ledger:

In the line below, all 96 units are scanned, counted and confirmed on 6/12 at TEB9
6/12/2023 B0xyz [SKU] [Name] Receipts FBAxxx 96 TEB9 SELLABLE US

Below, on 6/18, units are apparently lost, 6 days AFTER the scan, count and confirm above.

6/18/2023 B0xyz [SKU] [Name] Receipts FBAxxx -1 TEB9 SELLABLE US
6/18/2023 B0xyz [SKU] [Name] Receipts FBAxxx -48 DTW1 SELLABLE US

Do NOT try to tell me that this has anything to do with “INBOUND”. This is clearly Amazon’s LATER mishandling of inventory properly received.

Reimburse me, as Amazon lost these items.


Just 'tween us chickens, to quote Al Pacino in “Scent of a Woman”: “I’d take a FLAME-THROWER to this place!



Y’all Better Have My Money”
Kelly Clarkson cover of Rihanna

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Wait, what? WHAT???

You want to listen to and (even more inexplicably) LOOK AT Kelly Carkson, when the original has Rhianna?

I feel your pain. I make my shipments (books only) single boxes to help avoid some issues. But a recent shipment had 11 out of 24 books go missing; there is simply no way I could have missed packing those; it’s a two person system, with double checking, and while possible for one book to be left out, 11 would be a significant stack sitting on the table that should be empty, and a half-empty box being shipped. I know that they were there.
So not only does Amazon not reimburse me for the lost items, I have 11 dings on my account (why not 1 ding for 11 items?), and a warning that repeated offenses could result in losing my FBA rights. Very frustrating.

Look in your Inventory Ledger - that is where you will see the “items received” ( a positive value), and then on another line with the same shipment number, a NEGATIVE number, which means that they DID count and confirm the items, they just (likely temporarily) LOST them on a transfer to another Fulfillment center. So, file your inquiry on the shipping->tracking->contents screen, and demand reimbursement NOW, and make them prove that they found the missing units to get that money back some day, if ever.

So, from your point of view, “Amazon Lost It” equals SOLD, as you make the same money either way.

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No, they never made it to the “received” category. Probably still sitting behind the table at the receiving area…

And of course, since they are used books, even if Amazon admits that they are the ones that lost them, the reimbursement is generally very low. Thankfully it doesn’t happen often, but at the very least, they shouldn’t put my account at risk because THEY lose stuff…

(OTOH, I once had a book that made it to inventory, and got “Warehouse Damaged”. they paid me almost $400 for it, which was even more than I had it listed for; overall, I’m probably still ahead).

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I am half a mind to make up one of those annoying condescending “Amazon Instructional Videos”, featuring Monty Python’s “Mr. Gumby” character (the fellow who wore the handkerchief tied on his head and shorts) that would go like this:

  1. Open the &^%*^^ BOX!
  2. Put ALL the items in the box on the @#$*^& SCANNER conveyor belt!
  3. Take the &^%*^^ items, and put them in the *&^(%@" INVENTORY BIN!

I think the Amazon folks often skip those steps, and go to “Hit yourself in the head with a brick!”

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But it wasn’t a brick - it was a tank of compressed anesthetic gas!

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